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12-24-17 Giants at Cardinals Game Day Thread

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15 minutes ago, ccimore said:

It's clear to me that Gallman has more juice than Darkwa, yet they continue to run Darkwa.

Ha, that is what I have been saying all season my man. Not only that, he makes them more versatile on offense with his pass catching chops.

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50 minutes ago, CooL said:

I turned on this game late.  Apparently Drew Stanton is the QB?  Is Gabbert hurt?  Did they just decide to give Stanton a look given they have no chance for the playoffs?

They declared Stanton the starter after Gabbert's poor game last week. 

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Larry Fitz is a timeless wonder.  So good and so underrated as he has gotten older.  In one quarter, he outscored my two other WRs who played the morning games.  He's going to be on a lot of championship rosters.

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3 minutes ago, ccimore said:

Giants keep going for long passes on third and fourth down, when all they need is short yardage.  My head wants to explode.


Doesnt even make a good throw. 


Literally though you need 2 yards just ran a   quick slant damn. 

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