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XMAS DAY GAMES- What Do you Need?

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Up 33 with my Hopkins vs his Bryant and Ertz.  I can feel the champagne dripping down my forehead already.  2nd year in a row I'm going to beat the same opponent.  Also 2nd year in a row I offered him an even split of the prize money and he said no lol.

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6 minutes ago, Mmiller186 said:

Up 19.4 points... he has Bell and James ... I have Bryant... half point PPR. 1200$$ on the line, feel I will be sweating this one out, fingers crossed!

Whooooo tough one. Good luck!

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39 minutes ago, ponchsox said:

Guys, I’m down 2 in PPR and I have Hopkins and Steelers D against his Crabtree. Chances of winning?

I'd feel pretty confident with Hopkins.


Crabtree could have a nice game but with Coop back and all, I think hes hungry and wants the ball. 


Good luck!

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I had the pleasure of going up against Gurley.  Down by 39.  I have Roethlisberger, M Bryant, & J Elliot, he has D Hopkins & Steelers D.  I need a miracle. How about Ben throws for 300 and 3 Martavis catches 6-100-2, Elliot gets me 12.  That gives me 61 points in my scoring system.  Then I just need Hopkins to go 7-100-0 and Steelers D to have 2 turnovers and 2 sacks, then I win by just over 1 point.  It could happen

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1 hour ago, lvsaint429 said:

Up 31.7...he has Bell & Jeffery yet to play. 

I have both Big Ben & Foles to choose from at QB today. Decisions, decisions...

im rocking Foles since he can double up on any TD to Alshon J ,




Foles also loves aghelor and Zach Ertz so you can start foles since he doesnt only have to throw to Ashon J


Big ben has a ton of weapons and Bell - but i think Pittsburgh will run the clock and eventually bench the starters..it is a possibility. Philly already said they wouldnt.

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7 hours ago, Mr.Joshua said:

I'm up 33.42 with JuJu left going against his Big Ben & M. Bryant. 1/2 ppr,  I like my chances of holding on but Evan Engrams injury could haunt me.

92.5 percent chance of winning

3 hours ago, Tenner said:

I'm up 5. 


He has Boswell and Jared Cook


I have Big Ben and Hopkins. 


I am not confident at all. Kickers have done strange things against me this year. 

90 percent chance of win 


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