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I’m toast aren’t I?

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Better hope the Eagles get up good points in the first half without using Agholor. Perhaps a couple TDs and an Elliot FG or two and Ajayi will be running the whole 2nd half. Then, the Eagles play partial prevent D letting Bryant get tons of catches and yards. A couple TDs and you're golden!

To be completely honest; I would guess 1/3 chance of winning. Unfortunately, it will be cold and quite windy during game time which could affect Elliot.


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15 hours ago, DemonFF said:

0.5 ppr down 24 with Martavis, Ajayi and Elliot left vs his Agholor. What are my odds? I’m thinking 40% at best. Got gurlied and the jags D really wet the bed for me :/

So you're probably down around 16ish after Elliott?


I like Bryant's chances of coming up big tonight seeing as he may be looking for another team so he will want to raise his stock.

14-18 pts IMO


And Ajayi is slowly turning into the "feature" back in PHI.

        If they want to keep the offense balanced they need to succeed in the run game, and I think they will feed him tonight.

16-20 pts IMO


Oakland being mediocre on offense and PHI using the run game more often tonight leading to a low offensive scoring game, the gamescript should be opposite in Agholors favor.

IMO boom or bust 8-20 pts


I see you narrowly getting the W. 

Good luck!

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58 minutes ago, DemonFF said:

Uh now yahoo showing me up by 0.8 




Stat correction! Happened to me last week. Thought I had lost by 3-4 points only for an hour later to show I was losing by less an 2 points followed by me winning by more than 2. Game this close suck as stat corrections are finalized until Wednesday by the NFL and hit most fantasy sites overnight into Thursday. Good Luck!

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