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Would you use a #1 waiver claim on Tyler Johnson? Dragic is back but Johnson has been playing very well as of late and fits my punt assist team very well. Would drop Bogdan Bogdanovic (streamer spot)


Yahoo 12-Team H2H 9 Cat+OREB

PG: Bradley, Hill

SG: Leonard, Thompson, Richardson, Bogdanovic

SF: Covington, Fournier

PF: Love, Favors, Williams

C: Whiteside, WCS

IR: LaVine

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Who else is on waivers? Do you think you need to use your claim to get Johnson?


I'm not sure it's the best use of your #1 claim given that Dragic is coming back. Tyler will be in the 80-120 range all year long, but his appeal significantly reduces with Dragic on the floor (he's more 110-120) in that scenario.


Do you have a group League chat? I'd hype up Dragic coming back just to repel other managers from thinking about Tyler, then take him once he hits FA.

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For most scenarios I would say no, wait for him to be a FA....  But for your team build/needs I'm not sure I would chance it.  You are right, he does fit nicely and you need a point guard badly, I would not be confident going forward with Bradley & Hill as your only PGs.  


I rostered T.Johnson all of last season, Spolestra likes him and he produced/got minutes even with Dragic playing.  Just my 2 cents...

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1 hour ago, backyardballer said:

Thanks all - just going to go for the early add rather than using my waiver order. Can always pick up Moore who was recently dropped as well so no big loss if I miss out on Tyler (I think).


Good luck. TJ is perfect for assist-punt builds. But I don't think he warrants a #1 waiver spot.



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