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My DeAndre+Dinwiddie for his Whiteside? Points League WHIR.

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With the return of Griffin and DLo, is Whiteside a good target? Griffin was eating into Jordan's rebounds and Jordan was starting to do nothing offensively. I'm just not sure whether or not Whiteside will be getting enough minutes this season given that he gets constantly injured.

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Not familiar with points league but imo it's a no. Whiteside is a stud but not really reliable these days. Plus his blocks have somehow evaporated. And lots of shooters in the team are picking up. I also think that ou're giving too much with Dinwiddie there, he's a fantasy stud.



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Agree with the post above, personally I wouldn’t make the trade only because of whiteside’s recent reliability factor. If I could get him for just deandre I’d probably consider it more. Especially if deandre doesn’t get traded in the upcoming weeks and stays a clip. Dinwiddie is still doing great and I think dlo is about 2-3 weeks away so you may be able to trade him separately (which is what happened in my 12 man league recently), package him with someone else to get a better reliable player, or ride it out and see how he does as backup pg. Just an opinion of a new guy , Good luck

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