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14 minutes ago, colepenhagen said:

yea i would


justin is solid top 100 player but doesnt bring that much to the table for me outside threes and some def stats

at 40% fg which doesnt help

millsap is the type of stash that will win you a league if he is back and healthy for fantasy playoffs



Thanks a lot. I will make the swap tomorrow morning then (then I would only loose Holiday's last game this week) before I make the transfer :) hope he beats his timetable then


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3 minutes ago, Steele2786 said:

I'd drop Aminu and pick up Millsap.  If you start getting worried about your position as playoffs get closer you can drop, but with your lineup, all you need to do is to get into playoffs.  Add Millsap to that and it's even stronger.


So drop Aminu over Holiday for now?

Will drop the other one when we got news on Jabari Parker (if we don't hear anything I will probably switch one of them for Fultz until then). I'm also holding Portis since I heard of the possible Mirtotic trade to Utah

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So I need to drop some players from my roster if I want to make room for both Jabari Parker, Millsap & Fultz (potentially also Gallinari - then I need to drop two players). They are on the WW right now and as you guys told me I need to get them (too much upside) - maybe not all of them right away but you get the point... Who would you add 1,2,3 and (maybe) 4? :) 

And who would you swap with from my roster (if you want to make a swap?):


JUSTIN HOLIDAY (he's droppable now that Lavine returns)

BOBBY PORTIS (like his ROS outlook at lot of Mirotic is traded to Detroit or Utah and maybe also RoLo)

MARQUESE CHRISS (huge upside if he pulls it all together - looked good in the last couple of games)

JULIUS RANDLE (Lakers are trying to shop him. Could be GOOD on another team with clear minutes)

TAUREAN PRINCE (Hit or miss so far but has the potential for really nice statlines)

AL-FAROUQ AMINU (he's droppable for me - too inconsistent)

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I would add Millsap once your IR spot is opened up. I have LaVine in my IR, so on Friday I am going to activate him and drop a streamer. And then I will add Millsap and put him in my IR and add another streamer. I think you should do the same if you can. 

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