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Big lamarcus and Turner trade. WHIR always

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Team is in signature. I'm punting assist and steals now.

I give :  Barton, Hood and Turner

I get: Lamarcus and Jamal Murray


With kawhi looking like he's not getting any healthier I thought that Lamarcus might be better than Turner since I'm already leading the league in blocks. Also the infamous popvich resting might be cancelled out by the pacers bad po schedule.


What do you guys think? 

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It's a pretty even deal.    Just hope you don't give someone else blocks. I don't know which side i like better honestly.  I would say it's even. If you want lamarcus you are getting a good player so do it I guess.  More scoring for  you.

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Thanks 4 the help in mine


Fair trade but I'm gonna go with Turner + Barton. I just think Turner is going to be the best man out of the deal and u wont find those blocks in the ww. Sooner or later Kawhi is goong to steal production from Aldridge, maybe later but it's gonna happen.

barton and Murray are similar. Hood is just a kicker

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3 hours ago, HotSauce24 said:

Who is the third player u will pick up? 


First glance I like Turner side unless u can replace Barton. 

Looking at Jeremy lamb or even maybe stashing millisap or Parker. Barton stats seem replaceable since I’m punting two of his best cats. 

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