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Rondo for Tyler Johnson and Biyombo WHIR

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Hey guys, 


I am a Vucevic owner and I was outbid on Biyombo by $1. 


I have KAT as my Centre but I am thinking of sending Rondo away for Bismack and TJ. (I'd drop bummy a** Ryan Anderson)


I know Biyombo is useless once Vuc is back but that is still weeks away. PG is CP3 and I also have Ingles and Bogdan that sprinkle Assists in also. 



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Thanks for the help in mine.


I kinda hate Rondo so I'm biased on this one. I would do it yes. Bis is gonna be great until Vuc is back and I like TJ specially because of the out of position blocks.

But I also agree with the above, come playoffs, Vuc is dropable and Rondo>TJ. Still there will be a lot of hot pickups by then.


I also own Vuc, KAT, Ingles and RHJ ;)



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Are you hurting in rebounds category??? I would maybe try and get more for Rondo I mean the guy had 25 assists in one night. Biz will be useless once Vuc comes back. Maybe pair someone else with Rondo for a premier rebounder.

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don't do it.. Rondo has higher upside than tyler "points only" johnson (his assist aren't that high from what i recall).. biyombo is just a handcuff you could of picked up before the injury if you REALLY wanted the insurance policy.. & the fact you were outbid (either you ran out of funds OR didnt feel the need to pursue him that hard..) the owner of biyombo is prob just trying to use that as leverage since you're a vuc owner.. 

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