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Yahoo 5x5 Roto Leagues: $1000, $500, $400, $300, $200 (Windy)

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Going into my 4th year as commish, have run 13 leagues now. My leagues are drama-free and all about good, clean high-stakes competition. We usually have mostly returning managers, but there are typically a few openings in any given league. Email lwrzesin@gmail.com if interested.  


Gameplay rules are uniform across all leagues: 5x5, 12-team, Yahoo standard settings. 


Payouts are 100% and done through LeagueSafe

$1000 auction: Pays out $5000 / $3500 / $2000 / $1500

$500 snake: Pays out $2400 / $1800 / $1200 / $600

$400 auction: Pays out $2000 / $1600 / $1200

$300 snake: Pays out $1500 / $1000 / $700 / $400

$200 auction: Pays out $1000 / $800 / $600


Yahoo typically opens up shop the 2nd week of February, but figured I would do some pre-preseason recruiting this year. Ask any questions here or email me at lwrzesin@gmail.com

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Hailtoyourvictor: I will have a head count on returning managers after this weekend, then will start inviting new ones. For new managers reserving a spot will be first-come, first-serve in terms of wh

Draft dates will be decided once I determine who all the returning managers are, but they will all be in the last 2 weeks before the season. In my experience, guys in money leagues usually want to draft as close to the season as possible. 

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Gotten 18 emails of interest in 20 days, and it's still January - not bad! Prob enough interest to start 2 more leagues in the $200-300 range, so I am thinking I will run one auction draft and one snake draft at each price point.

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