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2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread


Message added by TheOneAboveAll

Good day Rotoworld members! I hope everyone is enjoying the trade deadline. Just a reminder that be very careful with posting links and/or information in our threads. There tends to be a few troll accounts that pop up around this time of the season i.e. fake Woj accounts posting false information. Thank you!

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Just now, audiophilestyle said:

Hill or Clarkson the add here?

I think Hill starts because he spaces and is just a solid player. Clarkson is going to have a similar role imo where he facilitates with the second unit/when Lebron is resting. I think Hood gets more minutes than Smith. Honestly, they are super deep now and maybe no one is the huge winner here. 

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Just now, thezing1 said:

There is no desperation on the Cavs part....have you been seeing how their roster has been playing? They are making moves because it would be foolish not to. They have drastically improved their team today. 

Yes there is. On paper their roster has not improved. Their team was just unable to play together for whatever reason. Now you get a bunch of decent role players coming over from a bunch of teams and expect a huge change? Look at their roster and tell me they are beating the Warriors/Houston/Thunder. They aren't. Hell, they aren't beating the Celtics. Who actually have a very good coach.

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1 minute ago, Jin said:

Just woke up.... stressed.


someone fill me in!


who are the pickups? How’s IT’s ROS?

cavs kept Lebron! IT will still be a hole in the D but he might be bought out so it might not be Lakers' D

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