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Owner seeking Roto League for 2018

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Been in a 5x5 keeper league for 15 years, but unfortunately league disbanded after the commish passed away and no one wanted to take over the league.


Prefer mixed league, Roto scoring, 5x5 categories.


Never done auction or H2H, but welcome to it.



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We have an 8-team league, each team with 26 players competing in six hitting and six pitching categories. Six players from the year's previous rosters are protected with all remaining players thrown in to a free agent pool from which rosters are compiled during a conference call draft about one week before the season begins. One owner had to leave us after last season for personal reasons. We're eager to replace him and keep our league alive. Additional details available to all interested parties. Feel free to email me at alan.zachary@hdmz.com or in reply to this.

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Hey Jilistre. I have a 5x5 keeper roto league starting up this year. This may be a unique twist on the roto you are use to.


Have you ever played in a season long roto leagues in the past only to see some owners quit halfway through? Or, have you ever felt hopeless sitting at the bottom of a roto league at the midway point of a season and no chance of winning that year? Or, do you just enjoy roto leagues and want a different spin on the old classic?


We may be the league for you.


The Player's League is a 5x5 roto league with a split season concept. We will have a "first half" of the season from Opening Day to mid-June with a "first half" winner. At the midway point, we select keepers (currently set to 5) from the first half and hold another draft for the "second half" which runs from June to mid-September. The winners of the first and second half seasons will face off in a championship matchup. This format is designed to A) give all owners a chance to reset their rosters and take another shot at winner B ) allow us to mitigate owner dropout by only affecting half the season and C) provide a new strategy from the traditional roto league.
Free 8-12 team Fantrax league.
5x5 Roto:
    H, RBI, HR, SB, AVG
    K, W, SV, ERA, WHIP
23 Players:
    C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, UT
    P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P, P
    BN, BN, BN, BN, BN
+ 2 IR Slots
Keepers: 5 keepers every half season
Proboards: http://playersleague.boards.net/
For a more detailed rules list. Checkout our proboards webpage above or: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19ViW2py1FWHlpjJJGc6sMpLOgL1uKTmcFHLZ_-MPLkA/edit?usp=sharing
If you are interested in joining. Requests to join can be emailed to: finfan89@gmail.com

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I am commissioner of an uber competitive 20-team, 6x6, mixed league. We began in 2001 and have owners in 12 different states. I post a daily commissioner's message. It is a daily league, but there are detailed rules in place to keep the playing field level for the many professionals in our league. CBS Sports has been our website throughout, so we have extensive archives that reveal past standings and draft histories. If interested, I can send you an invite to our league website for an indepth inspection to see if we are your cup of tea. 


The Michigan Keglers Roto Baseball League has many unique nuances. For example, our 24-man rosters are comprised of a minimum 14 hitters and 9 pitchers, with a wildcard 24th player being either a 15th hitter or 10th pitcher. You can switch your configuration daily, if you like. If you have Ohtani, you probably will. 


Also, in even years, 2018, we draft the AL first. For 12 rounds, we draft straight 1-20 all the way through. At Round 13, we flop the order and draft the NL 20-1. I think you'd agree, that is unique. So, you ask, which spot in the the draft has won the most times in our 18 year history? Number 9 slot ... 4 times. 


Give me a shout out to flherbst@aol.com if interested. 


Drop Dead Fred



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