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Aaron Gordon or Donovan Mitchell? WHIR!

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Standard H2H each cat scoring. 3 Keepers per year. Thoughts on this trade?


I give: Donovan Mitchell


I get: Aaron Gordon



My PG: Kyrie Irving, Jrue Holiday, Donovan Mitchell

My SG: Eric Gordon, JJ Redick, Dwyane Wade, Malik Beasley, Kobi Simmons

My SF: LeBron James, DeMarre Carroll, Wilson Chandler, Kelly Oubre Jr

My PF: Anthony Davis, Dario Saric

My C: Al Horford, John Henson

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2 hours ago, CodeRed said:

I like gordon too cuz he hurts less. Mitchell can hurt your fgs and tos 

Mitchell's FG% in the last 30 games is better than Gordon, and his tos are quite decent for a ball handler (2.5). He's a superstar in the making, I'd easily keep him over Gordon. Gordon is having a breakout year, but he has declined slightly in every month this year, including the time after Vooch went down. Whereas Donovan is carrying the team alone. While he may run out of gas at some point due to the workload, we've gone past half season mark and he is not showing any signs of slowing down. Next year there will ne no limit on his ceiling.


I'm a Mitchell owner, but was trying to get Gordon for quite a while, hence was able to watch them both. 

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