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Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

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[We are re-opening this thread on a provisional basis, with an increased focus on keeping the discussion on topic and manageable.  This means that if your comment is not 100% germane to Josh Gordon's fantasy outlook, it is subject to removal, and you will be subject to warning and/or suspension of posting privileges.  There will be no courtesy warnings.  Please contribute to a meaningful fantasy football discussion, or take your commentary elsewhere.]

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6 minutes ago, bhawks489 said:

That was my initial thought when I saw he was stepping away. Not really surprised on this news


Even then it's still vague as to how the NFL came to this decision. What did they find out? We know that Patriots won't say anything, and Gordon gave his view but the details that the nfl is holding onto will determine how they handle this suspension/punishment/whatever GODdell decides

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1 minute ago, Corleone said:


In my league with standard 1 point PPR scoring, he is #35 PPG as I mentioned. 


You should be able to see exactly what he is in your league, by doing a basic sort and manually counting. You see him in the mid-20s? If so, I would love to see that list via a screenshot/copy and paste. 

Are you also counting the games he was not active? 

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4 minutes ago, Grayson2401 said:

Is AJ Green also a WR3? He is 33rd in my league in PPG.

It's much more reasonable in here with that squelch feature.


Dynasty worth a hold to see what happens here but otherwise not much else to argue.

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2 minutes ago, Grayson2401 said:

In games played (even limited), he was averaging 11.55 points per game in standard PPR scoring. 


That would currently be good for the mid-20 range. 


36th actually for players active on game day.  He was never what Gordonites wanted him to be and all the parsing of words, cherry picking of stats, or obfuscating of logic won't make that be true.  He was a risk and was a decent wr3 for the most part in most leagues (not all).  Nothing wrong with that if you didn't go overboard on cost, but he's now suspended for the rest of the year and will most likely be suspended all of next year.  His career is on life support and most likely over as he's almost 28.  His career is a cautionary tale of potential lost.  I'm sure most of us wish him well in life and hope he can get his addictions under control.  


That said, as usual protocol, since his season is over, we're going to shut down this thread.  If/when he ever comes off suspension, then we can continue the discussion about his NFL and fantasy future.


There's always the XFL.


Good luck, Josh.... you at least gave us this gif, even if you never met your potential....





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