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Inherited Team? Sell?

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Hey guys! I just inherited a 14 team keeper league team, and am trying to figure out my path with it. What I think is best is that I build for next year. I have some really nice keepers, but am currently in 12th place.. So maybe if I sell off a couple pieces I won't keep I could be a contender next year?


Categories: FG%, FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO


My Team:

PG R. Westbrook
SG B. Bogdanovic
G G. Dragic
SF K. Durant
PF A. Gordon
F M. Morris
C L. Aldridge
C E. Kanter

BE T. Booker, M. Morris, N. Mirotic, A. Roberson, T. Lyles

IR K. Leonard


So I get to keep 5, so I was thinking maybe keep Westbrook, Durant, Leonard, Aldridge, and Gordon. Then I trade off Dragic/Kanter for draft picks? Tell me what you guys think. Thank you.

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14 minutes ago, Clubber Lang said:

Assuming you are focused on next season and not this one, you're pretty set. Although I'd maybe look to trade Aldridge in a deal for a younger player.


Thanks. Do you have any targets in mind for Aldridge? I do worry a bit about how much his production will take a hit when Kawhi is healthy, so maybe selling high in his age 32 season is a good idea. 

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4 minutes ago, The 7th Beatles said:

Westbrook, Durant, and Leonard are 3 great keepers to have in any size league let alone a 14 team league. I do agree with the above poster I would look to trade Aldridge since you're not going to the playoffs this year. He would help a contending team. Good luck.


Thank you! Any trade suggestions for Aldridge? Mitchell intrigues me out of the suggestions from the above poster and the guy in 1st currently owns him.

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1 minute ago, DonaldsDucks said:


Thank you! Any trade suggestions? Mitchell intrigues me out of the suggestions from the above poster and the guy in 1st currently owns him.


Mitchell is great, and is looking like a great keeper to have. It might be hard with a one and one, but would maybe add another player to see. Since the Mitchell owner is in first place I'm guessing he already has decent keeper quality players.

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Without knowing the place and makeup of other teams in your league, here are some guys to potentially target in your shopping of LeMarcus and others (some of these obviously would not be straight up...well maybe not haha):


Khris Middleton

CJ McCollum

Jamal Murray

Markkanen (if you want another big)

Gary Harris

Dejounte Murray

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