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16 Team Dynasty Startup - $500

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We have a very successful and active dynasty league in year 6 that is a lot of fun....only issue is that the buy in is $100.  This is pretty low considering the length of the season and the amount of time we all do studying and researching....so there is interest in a higher stakes version.  About 5 of us so far as holdovers from that league...we all met via a message board years ago, looking for singles or similar partial groups to fill out the league.  The message board in the league is active and trades happen regularly.


Please only express interest if: 

A: the buy in amount is not/won't be an issue

B: you have long term interest and remain active year around

C: are interested in contributing to the league, not just your team.


Some preliminary details, we will vote/consider any suggestions.

Daily Categories Head to Head League 7x7

40 MLB, 20 MiLB

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Some more details:


We play on CBS.  MiLB is less than 200 AB or 100IP.  5 Injury spots.  Yearly 3 round rookie and international player draft.  Categories are Ave, OPS, HR, RBI, R, Walks, SB.....W, QS, Hold, SV, ERA, WHIP, K but open to edits/adds.  Would consider up to 20 teams.

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still looking for a few folks, please let me know if you are interested.  We will start slow drafts as soon as possible.  Below are more details from our constitution currently being inked!


League Schedule - Each team plays the other teams in its division twice (6 games) and every other team once (12 games). Additionally, each team will play every other team from one division (this will rotate each year) one more time (4 games). This year the Eastern League will play the Carolina League and the Independent League will play the Southern Atlantic League an additional time. 

Playoffs start in week 23. Each round will last one week. In the event that the championship match should end in a tie, the match will continue for a second week ( during the final week of the MLB season). If it is still tied, regular tiebreaker rules will determine the winner. 

Waivers at the start of each season will take place after the MiLB draft. The waiver order will be set to mirror the MiLB draft order (before trades).



Player Eligibility Players are eligible at their primary position, plus positions they've played 10 games last year or 10 games this year.
SP Pitcher Eligibility Pitchers gain eligibility at Starting Pitcher with 5 starts last year or 5 starts this year.
RP Pitcher Eligibility Pitchers gain eligibility at Relief Pitcher with 10 relief appearances last year or 10 relief appearances this year.
Player Pool

AL and NL Players.


Lineup Policy Owners may set lineups and change players' positions from a list of their eligible positions.
Lineup Deadline Lineups may be set daily for each player up to 5 minutes prior to the first game of the day for that player.
Add/Drop Policy Add/Drops are handled by a waivers process.
Waivers Run The waiver process runs on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.
Waiver Reset The waiver order resets after each weeks' games.
Waiver Period Dropped players remain on waivers for at least 1 day(s).
Trade Policy Trades must be approved by the commissioner.
Trade Deadline No trades can be made after the trade deadline of 11:59 pm et 7/15/18.
Offseason Trades Owners may make trades during the offseason.


Active Players 18 18  
Reserve Players 0 12  
Injured Players 0 5  
Minors Players 0 18  
Total Players 18 53
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