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If you live anywhere within a 2 hour drive to NYC and are interested in joining a high stakes fantasy baseball league, please consider joining my league.


Our live auction draft is set for Sunday March 18th. Sorry but you must attend in person.


Our league fee is $1000 per team


It's a large league (15-18 teams)


Redraft, no keepers.




we use cbs


260 points for 


13 hitters


9 pitchers


5 reserves


Hot buffet, banquet room, auctioneer, free wifi


nice hotel, reasonably priced nearby


ANY ONE willing to fly into town, I will pick you up from the airport if so desired. I've had a couple of guys fly in from Florida over the years and another owner flew in from Washington D.C. put him up in my home for the night. LOL


That's how dedicated I am to running a quality fantasy baseball league.


I have two leagues already, they are filled.


This is my third league.


I've been running leagues for over 20 years.


We have members in their mid 20's through mid 50's.


Feel free to grab a partner, you'll love it.


Bring your laptop, magazines (if you're old school), cheat sheets, meet a good group of guys.


The league is filled with your average fantasy GM's. 


It seems like the winner changes every season


Just because the league fee is steep doesn't mean we are any better than Fantasy GM's in free leagues.


We're just older and have money to waste on this hobby we all love.


Send me an email at edbuzz@optonline.net


or a text 718 687 3251


Visit NYC for the St.Patricks Day Parade on Saturday March 17th and then attend our auction on Sunday March 18th.


I recruit, recruit and recruit, after the season, every one I've recruited always tells me how much they love the league.


I look forward to hearing from some of you.


19 days until Spring Training


: )



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Ed certainly is persistent. I finally committed last season after seeing the adds for years. I can tell you that the league is well run and the commish is on top of things. And for somebody looking for something different, the auction itself isn't your typical auction. Ed can explain that to you.

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