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Position Active Min Active Max Roster Total
C 1 1 No Limit
1B 1 1 No Limit
2B 1 1 No Limit
3B 1 1 No Limit
SS 1 1 No Limit
LF 1 1 No Limit
CF 1 1 No Limit
RF 1 1 No Limit
U 1 1 No Limit
SP 5 5 No Limit
RP 4 4 No Limit
Active Players 18 18  
Reserve Players 32 32  
Injured Players 0 0  
Minors Players 0 0  
Total Players 50 50
Batting Name Settings
1B Singles .5 points
2B Doubles 2 points
3B Triples 3 points
BB Walks (Batters) .5 points
CS Caught Stealing -3 points
GSHR Grand Slam Home Runs 12 points
HR Home Runs 4 points
KO Strikeouts (Batter) -2 points
R Runs 2 points
RBI Runs Batted In 2 points
SB Stolen Bases 3 points
SH Sacrifice Hits 1.5 points
Pitching Name Settings
APP Appearances 1 point
BS Blown Saves -5 points
CG Complete Games 5 points
ER Earned Runs -1 point
GS Games Started (Pitcher) 1 point
HD Holds 3.5 points
HRA Home Runs Allowed -4 points
INN Innings 1 point
K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
L Losses 0 points
NH No-Hitters 0 points
QS Quality Starts 0 points
RL Relief Losses 0 points
RW Relief Wins 0 points
S Saves 0 points
SO Shutouts 0 points
W Wins 0 points
Special Scoring for Starting Pitchers
CG Complete Games 5 points
GS Games Started (Pitcher) 1 point
L Losses -5 points
NH No-Hitters 10 points
QS Quality Starts 2.5 points
SO Shutouts 25 points
W Wins 10 points
Special Scoring for Relief Pitchers
APP Appearances 1 point
HD Holds 3.5 points
RL Relief Losses -3 points
RW Relief Wins 3 points
S Saves 7 points

$65 paid through League Safe.


Consolation bracket winner 10%

Team will keep 25 players each year.

First season of league will conduct a extended auction on
couchmanagers for starting positions after auction is done
we will have a extended draft for remaining spots here on

First season no trading picks and trades will be
approved by commissioner within 24 hours.


4 transactions per scoring period.

Daily Lineups.

2 matchups per scoring period.





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