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who to drop and pickup? WHIR 100

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thinking of dropping smart and demarre given BKN will develop their young talent and i dont need smarts inefficiency and assists

issue being that if i drop smart,i only have 1 PG elligible player

but which FA should i get? 
FA: josh jackson, marqueese chriss, bogdan bogdanovic (SAC), oubre, len, andrew harrison, boban, brolo, greg monroe


my team is

i am punting assist and FT, 10 man 9 CAT! 

PG/SG: lavine, KCP, bullock, smart
SF/PF: Prince, PG, Aminu, Kuzma, porzingis, demarre
C: capela, drummond, whiteside, WCS, 

IL: ariza


leave a link!

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That’s a tough one! None of those guys are particularly attractive for me in a 10-teamed, but if you had to choose, stashing Chriss for his upside may not be a bad idea. Josh Jackson is also rising. Expect inconsistency but the opportunity is there.


Can you not trade DeMarre? He’s good enough to have some value in the market maybe? 




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I like Bogdan more than smart, but I get the whole 1 PG thing, my team is the same. However, I feel Smart hurts you more than he helps you. Btw Harrison could also be a sneaky great add, even though he doesn't fit in too much with your punt assists built. How about the Wizards pg, Tomas Sato something? Is he available?



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Hi! New to the forums. I'd try out Bogdan Bogdanovic, he has a decent % and Kings start using their younger players rather than running the veterans. Also Oubre is a nice pickup, and since Wall's injury he's had good per-36 minute numbers, he just needs minutes and I'm sure he can get them

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