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Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook


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2 minutes ago, nygiantsfan913 said:

makes no sense hunt was waived but yet they keep tyreek hill on the roster

Exactly. But I guess video makes it real to them. Or it is probably that you can’t cover that sh* up as easily and wait for people to forget about it.

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good for society.

good for football

good for pro sports

good for humanity


good on all accounts to release him.


Sick and tired of seeing these players live with this entitlement and do what they want bigger than life attitude. If you and I do that, we get hauled off to jail. Hunt's only punishment is he loses his job....for the time being.




Amen bruh. He’s too cool to walk away.

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1 minute ago, AlexxelA said:

So next year some team will take a chance on dealing with his situation?  Hunt is 23 years old and one of the best RBs in the game.  I can't imagine he won't play again.

He’s toxic for this year & probably next. Maybe he returns somewhere in 2020

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4 minutes ago, FritzLn said:

na in 2018 anything done to a woman = career over


look how many powerful men have had their career's destroyed

and hunt isn't even powerful


it's over

Nah, it's good to see scumbags get their comeuppance. When the powerful people are abusing their power, they're scumbags - male or female.

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