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Waiver Wire Touts - Week 17

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The week 17 Waiver Wire Touts thread, is for naming Waiver Wire pickups for the week and beyond. General player discussion belongs in player threads.


Add/Drop questions, How do you rank these guys, Who should I pickup?, etc...

Those type of questions need to be posted in the Assistant Coach Forum.


Cool Stories about your team, belong in the 2017-2018 Cool Story Bro thread.

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With injuries on my squad to AG and Collison, I've picked up Hezonja and Satoransky. I highly suggest both players currently (Sato is less trustworthy, but as long as he's starting and getting 25 min you just have to roll with it). Other pick ups are FVV (VanVleet), Portis (if he still isn't owned somehow), and Adebayo (depends how long Olynyk is out). 



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18 hours ago, zass17 said:

Illuminati confirmed, you know who's next


Oladipo don't have time for injuries. He himself said - he don't ease into anything (talking about easing into practice) WB wont get injured too! I mean AD is outside of it...

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