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8 hours ago, jhsong916 said:

don't agree on Booker being shut down, but still I like this trade. actually not Veto-worthy imo but it is still you get the better deal on this one


if the league is competitive, how is this not veto worthy? at a 3 for 2 deal its not veto worthy once you add in portis.. this trade is straight robbery... if you can get away with it then go ahead.. its obv nothing but good news for getting towns.. but to say not veto worthy? when booker has been on and off with his hips.. like hes dancing with the stars (the suns a star ;))  batum, ok hes good.. but hes good for AG.. so thats face value.. then you add in saric > portis but regardless its not by much once portis is hot... since they both have hot and cold days.. 


so basically a hurt booker (top 25 ceiling) = towns (top 3 fantasy player)?!

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