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Luke Kornet 2017-2018 Season Outlook

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This guy:   Will give this guy his minutes: How could he not?  

Wait just a minute .Are you telling me you are gonna walk into the Luke Kornet thread and bad mouth Luke Kornet ? Disrespect Luke Freakin Kornet in his own house ???   understand this ,the K

This thread is going to be hilarious to come back to in a couple of weeks when he isnt playing at all. 

He'll go for like 12/8 with couple blocks and 3s next game. For him, he doesn't have to do much of anything to contribute. Grab some boards, get some points via 3s, and block some shots in 20 minutes and he's valuable. Even a 9/7 with a block and a 3 with no TOs and not hurting other cats is really efficient. He's perfect for teams of PUNT-AST, like mine. 


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Rotoworld is wildly inconsistent with their player update blurbs, but the last one about Kornet is a good one. "Luxury stash." I have zero expectation for this kid, but until another big comes along who I think can outplay my worst bench big (Adebayo) there is no reason for me to give up on him. Knicks have given up on ever competing in basketball, so he might get some serious run.

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On 2/9/2018 at 4:32 PM, rush007 said:


What an insight. Thanks, bro.


This dude has %5 chance of succeeding. So there is a really good chance he won't be playing at all. Doesn't matter. We're taking a flier on a guy with high potential, and these are the type of guys who win you championships.


So no, it won't be hilarious, it'll be just another potent guy to keep in mind in case of an injury. 

You’re welcome. It was the proper insight. People in here were losing their collective minds, claiming he was better than Kanter and dropping Russell for him. So yes, reading this thread back is funny (earlier than i expected) 

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6 hours ago, rando said:

Well, he had a great run. Time to drop him because with a track record like his, he's best left off your roster and easy to add back if lightning strikes twice.

More like, he had great 22 minutes. I get why people added him in 16 teamers, but there was a guy who actually said he's better than Kanter. Based on 22 minutes in a blowout loss.

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