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Rendon/Upton for Moncada/Quintana?


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I'm in a 14-team keeper league (7 keepers), traditional 5x5, draft (no auction). Players can be kept for up to 5 years. 


I have been offered Moncada, Quintana, 17th overall pick, and 45 overall pick...


Rendon, Upton, 62nd overall pick, 90th overall pick. 


The contracts for both Rendon and Upton run out after this season. Moncada can be kept through 2021 and Quintana through 2020. But mostly, this would be a deal for Moncada and the draft picks. 


It's my first year in this established league, and while I'm definitely playing for this year, I'm wondering if there is some upside to this deal because of Moncada's contract status and the draft picks. 


My current keepers would probably be...

1B Olson 2021

2B JoRam 2020

3B Rendon 2018

SS Bogaerts 2019

OF Pham 2021

OF Upton 2018

SP Verlander 2020. 


I also have Brinson (2021) and Weaver (2021) who could be options. 


Even with the draft picks, is this a no-go for someone playing to compete in 2018? I'm on the fence with this one...I think I should be able to make the deal and still build a competitive team...but I also don't know the league, so I'm not sure how competitive or savvy the owners are. 



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I'd take Moncada and the 2 draft pick upgrades. Don't keep Quintana keep Brinson instead. You can compete now with your team as is as long as you have a successful draft. 7 players don't win a league. You gotta have a good draft and having an extra 2nd round pick and an extra 4th Round pick should help you get just that. Plus Upton and Rendon are only 1 year players and will be available to redraft 12 months from now. Take Moncada and Run!

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10 hours ago, Flyman75 said:

Just took a look, and this deal would give me picks 9, 17, 23, 37, 45, and 51 in the first four rounds. That's six of the first 51 picks in a 14-team league. 


Yeah but after 100 guys are kept. Those picks aren't that valuable. 


Stand pat with what you have. 


Run with Rendon, keepers will figure themselves out during the year. Look at Pham, Olson, Verlander for example. Bet you never thought those 3 guys would be sure fire keepers for you this year. 

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