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$1000 5x5 League Looking for Replacement Owners


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Our league has been together for over 20 years with the majority of the same owners. Lost a few guys in past 3, 4 years and did a bad job of vetting the new guys. They got frustrated and 2 possibly 3 are leaving. Its a 12 team mixed keeper league with no extensions. Most players are on a team for only 3 years. There are nuances to that but generally its 3 years total. Its a daily league with 25 roster spots (15 and 10), 10 reserves and 5 farm guys. The new guys had trouble with the swapping of pitchers every day. There are no max innings or starts. We will have a dispersal draft for the new owners of the open teams. Normally we hold a live draft in NJ but expect to have to do the auction online this year. Guys have retired to Florida so getting everybody together is difficult, plus we are hoping the online auction will allow out of area owners to join. 10 keepers per team. The replaced teams finished 9,10 and 12th so they had the opportunity to make trades to better their keeper lists. We aren't replacing guys that dumped everybody , won and bolted. We also have incentives to try to control dumping including 2nd half prizes, etc. Anyways, if interested contact me at dadpodlas@aol.com and I'll further explain. My function is sort of league historian and general assistant to the commish.        

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