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Tyler Chatwood 2018 Outlook

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5th starter with the Cubs, formerly with the Rockies.


2017 Coors- 70.1 IP, 81 H, 7.42 K9, 4.73 BB9, 6.01 ERA, 1.68 WHIP.

2017 away- 77.1 IP, 55 H, 7.22 K9, 4.66 BB9, 3.49 ERA, 1.23 WHIP.


2016 Coors- 78 IP, 94 H, 6.46 K9, 3.92 BB9, 6.12 ERA, 1.64 WHIP.

2016 away- 80 IP, 53 H, 6.86 K9, 4.05 BB9, 1.69 ERA, 1.11 WHIP.


he could have some good upside.




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8 minutes ago, Cmilne23 said:

Is he pitching tomorrow or did he get skipped?

Carrie MuskatVerified account @CarrieMuskat 11h11 hours ago
Mor#Cubs vs Pirates on Tuesday, 1:20 pm CT start. Chatwood will start for Chicago
*should retain 2 start status as they play every day the rest of this week
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15 minutes ago, bravesfan4life said:

Command as always is an issue. 0-2 counts that he cant finish. Even when he doesnt walk ppl the command is still an issue with him

Lefty heavy lineups will be an issue for him.  His changeup is F- awful.  He’ll be solid against righty heavy lineups.  Pirates deployed quite a few lefties today, Polanco, Bell, Dickerson, Moran. 

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He’s not really close to rage drop for me.  Have to see more.  I think change of scenery brought a lot of optimism.  I’m still expecting his ceiling as a 3.80-4.20 era arm, with a mediocre whip, hoping the K’s and wins make it worth rostering in 12+ team leagues.

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20 minutes ago, JCD said:


The Pirates lead the league in Runs/game.



That means less than 0 to me.  They’ve faced 2 of the worst staffs to date.  They’ll be bottom 10 in runs per game by end of year.  The bigger analysis should be if he has the arsenal to get tough lefties out.  Because today showed me he did not.  But I need to see more.  

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In terms of cutting him, I guess if you are in a league with a lot of waiver wire candidates.  In a 12 teamer there's very little on the wire available in my league.  If cutting him in a deeper league, I'd personally caution against it.  There's just not enough sample size to show he is in for a rough year. And cutting him with the hopes that some turd on the WW is going to turn to gold, I would rather hold to see if he can rebound.  It's a long season and sometimes patience is rewarded.


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4 minutes ago, HumanRainDelay 18 said:

Who is rolling the dice with him tonight vs. STL?  I'm leaning towards playing it safe with him on the bench.  Not cutting quite yet.  


came up craps


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