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**LOOKING FOR $1,000 League**


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Looking for a high stakes league. Entry fee of $1,000 preferably. MUST be Auction Draft. Would prefer it to be a H2H league but would be interested in a 5x5 Roto league as well. Please reply here with any league information or email me ... garrett.zinke122@gmail.com

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Our entry is $300 but with transaction fees expect to pay $1000-$2000. prize pool over 20k



$300 Roto - Live Snake Draft - Connecticut area - New London

A 11 Team Roto League is looking for one or two more teams.

Entry is $300 ($150 goes to transactions) with $5 transactions and $25 add/drops. Fairly standard roto rules. This is a mixed league. This is a snake draft and everyone will get a new team.This league has been around almost 20 years. This is a live draft so you must be able to come to New London, Connecticut on March 18th or be available via Skype. If you want to do Skype you must pay your $300 before the draft. Event is catered and all money is secure. References and full rules available upon request. Email magnumrex@aol.com for details and full rules. Below is a link to our website to view the history..


Payout structure
1st 50% 2nd 30% 3rd 20% 4th $1000

more details
6x4 Roto. Daily player moves, weekly pitching moves. No innings limits. 25 man roster. Trading deadline last day of all-star break

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 South Florida Auction League  (SFAL)


1 .Looking  for   committed ,experienced  team owner

2. 10  team  n.l. only (3  spots available)  1 SPOT NOW 

3. Roto style  scoring  w/10 categories

4. Daily line ups

5. 23 active player  roster

6. 7 reserves spots   plus  1   optional dl/minors  spot

7. Maximum 7 year  end  protects (keepers)

8. Live in  person  auction  draft  3/31/18  

9. Complete league rules  available  for  interested owners 



submit :


 Email  address   

 Phone  #


send  to : sfalcommissioner@gmail.com



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