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Billy Hamilton 2018 Outlook

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25 minutes ago, cyberer said:

I can’t believe this guy still gets regular at bats on a team with Duvall schebler and winker. He has to be the worst regular in the mlb and among the worst in history. I own him and I don’t even want to watch his at bats anymore bc I know it will be a nonproductive out before I even turn it on. I’m stuck owning him bc of the deep NL only format. Can someone provide a ray of hope? 

 You realize he has a higher batting average and OBP than Duvall, right? 195 vs 185, 285 vs 266. He also has the same number of HR as Winker (2).


He's been terrible but the Reds are so atrocious he still gets regular ABs. He does bring a ton more value in CF than any of those other guys too who are corner OF by nature.


Because he's walking a lot more his OBP is only 12 points below his career mark. The real problem is he's not stealing. He had a 274 OBP in 2015 but stole 57 bases in 114 games... he's got a 285 OBP this year but 10 steals in 60 games,  which would equate to only 19 over 114. 

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home runs from him are like a garbage man finding a rolex in a dumpster

Time for my favorite baseball gif!

I honestly believe the best place for Hamilton might be the 9 hole. Let his speed work with the top of the lineup, but you don't have to worry about sub-.300 OBP at the top of the order but still get

4 minutes ago, thefamily79 said:

Does anyone have an opinion on Hamilton's SB outlook.  Aside from hitting poorly, batting 9th and being part of a 4-person outfield, anyone know why he's not stealing like a 40 bags guy?


I think he’s been unlucky. A lot of the at bats I’ve seen he’s either had a base runner in front of him, or the hitter after him gets a hit on the first pitch. (Or lines/flies/pops out on the first pitch to end the inning). 


I still think the steals are are going to start coming in bunches. 

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On 6/15/2018 at 6:33 PM, RJS113 said:



I still think the steals are are going to start coming in bunches. 

Here come those bags in bunches. He is on a straight burner right now.

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