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CBS. $100 Brand New 1st Season Auction Keeper League.

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BUMP........... 1 Spot opened back up. Waiting on final GM so we can start to conduct our minor/auction draft




To assemble a lineup of 29 major league players from either MLB league whose cumulative statistics during the regular season exceed those of all of the other teams in Rub Some Dirt On It.


14 team Standard 5x5 Rotisserie League. 


Two catchers, One first baseman, One second baseman, One shortstop, One third baseman, Five Outfielders, One Corner Infielder (either a first or third baseman), One middle infielder (either a shortstop or second baseman), One Utility (any position player or DH), Ten pitchers. 5 Bench Spots, 10 (Max) Minor Leaguers

Pre-draft roster- Pre-draft rosters are due by midnight on the Sunday prior to draft day (Article IV). Each team must have their rosters cut down to a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 players (excluding farm system players still in their team’s farm system). 

Minor League Draft: Only rookies who have not accumulated more then 130 at bats or 50 innings pitched on a major league roster are eligible to be drafted. This includes international and amateur players (who are affiliated with a major league team)

•    Selection takes place in 10 Rounds (Inaugural) 3 Rounds every year after.
•    The draft order is determined by the previous year’s standings in reverse order. The previous year’s champion picks 14th in all three rounds and the 14th place finisher picks first in all three rounds.


A player may be assigned to any position at which he played 20 or more games the previous season. If a player did not appear at any position for 20 games or more than he may only be drafted at the position he appeared at the most (tie, he would qualify for both). Once the season begins a player qualifies for any position that he has played at least five games. A player that only qualifies at Utility can only be drafted as a Utility. A rookie who has never played in game only qualifies at the one position that he is predicted to play at most. 


League fee's are $100 plus $11 per team to pay the CBS League fee of $150


•    The auction price of a player acquired during the auction draft is his salary. 
•    The salary of a player called up from the free agent pool prior to or after the FAAB period (Article XIV) is $5
•    The salary of a player activated from a team’s farm system is $1 during rookie status. Then $5 2nd Year and $10 for 3rd year

Article VIII. Contracts 

Each player will receive a 3 year contract. You don't need to keep the player under contract year after year. But if player is traded or dropped and picked up via free agency. That player will still have same salary and contract length


$1400 Total

Top 4 finishers take the pot

1st Place -   $700
2nd Place - $400
3rd Place -  $200
4th Place -  $100


Standings are determined by the standard Rotisserie League points system adjusted for 10 stat categories and 14 teams. The stat categories for hitting are BA, HR, RBI, SB and Runs. The stat categories for pitching are ERA, Wins, Saves, WHIP, and K’s. 

THE FENOKEE IP REQUIRMENT- A team must pitch a total of 900 innings minimum  to receive points in ERA and WHIP. A team that does not pitch  900 innings maintains its place in ERA and WHIP ranking but receives zero points in both of these categories.

THE FENOKEE AB REQUIRMENT- A team must have 4250 at-bats in the season. A team that does not have 4250 at-bats maintains its place in the batting average ranking but receives zero points in that category.

•    Pitching stats from position players and hitting stats from pitcher are not calculated. EXCEPTION: 2 way players such as Shohei Ohtani. You will need to decide at the beginning of each period whether you want Ohtani in your Pitching slot or Offensive slot.
•    Ties are broken by looking at individual categories. The team that leads in more categories wins the tie. 
•    If there is still a tie, it is broken by adding each team’s total at-bats at season’s end, plus triple the number of innings pitched. The team that scores the higher total by this measure wins the tie. 


Luckily Rub Some Dirt On It enlists cbssportsline.com to handle most of the stat tracking. Here are few things to remember. 

•    The transaction period usually begins on Monday after the start of the first game and usually ends the following Monday before the start of the first game. Transactions made after the start of the first game on Monday will not go into effect until the following Monday. cbssportsline.com will dictate our scoring periods. 
•    Statistics from a player are only calculated when a player is on a team’s active roster. 


From the completion of the auction draft until the trade deadline First scoring period in August , Rotisserie League teams are free to make trades of any kind without limit, except as stipulated below, so long as immediately upon completion of the trade both teams maintain roster integrity. 

Teams cannot trade for cash, future considerations, players to be named later or draft picks beyond the following seasons rotisserie minor league draft. You can only trade for major league players, minor league players or draft picks for the next rotisserie minor league draft. This rule applies even during the off season. 
•    If you trade for another team’s minor leaguer(s) then they must also join your team as a minor leaguer. You will also be required to release a minor leaguer(s) if the newly acquired minor leaguer(s) causes your team to be over its limit of 10 minor leaguers on a team at one time. 
•    During the regular season under no circumstances may a team reacquire a player via a trade from the same team that he had previously traded that player to during that same season. 
•    Anti-Dump Rule: [Derived from the Rotisserie Ultra rule on anti-dumping(Ultra VI. Anti-Dumping)] Players in the last year of a contract and players with a salary of $20 or more are considered “dump” players. Such players may be traded but only under the following conditions. 
o    One team may trade a “dump” player to another team provided that for each dump player traded, one is received in the same deal. 
o    The above notwithstanding, a team may trade one “dump” player to another team without receiving a “dump” player in return or receive one dump player without giving one up, but may only make one such unbalanced trade with that particular team per year. 

From the end of the regular MLB season to the day pre-draft rosters due there are no restrictions on trades except for, teams cannot trade for cash, future considerations, players to be named later or draft picks beyond the following rotisserie minor league draft. In the off season you can trade your whole pitching staff for one minor leaguer if you’d like. In the offseason trades 


• You may put your newly promoted minor league player back into your minors as long as he hasn't surpassed 130 ab's or 50 ip'd. Or if he was promoted after September 1st Otherwise the player must maintain active roster requirements. From September 1st till end of season. You won't be required to promote a minor league player


Active major league players not on any Rotisserie League team’s roster at the conclusion of the draft become free agents. During the course of the season the pool of free agents may also include promoted minor leaguers not owned already, waived players who are not claimed and players newly signed by a MLB team. International players signed by a Major League Team. PROSPECTS DRAFTED IN THE JUNE FIRST YEAR PLAYER DRAFT WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE CLAIMED DURING THE REGULAR SEASON. They must wait to be picked up during our annual minor league draft

• Each team shall have, for the purpose of acquiring free agents during the course of the FAAB season, a supplementary budget of $300. Once you use your allowed $300 FAAB budget, you will be able to enter $0 value to be able to pick up free agents. 

• At the conclusion of the season. No players may be picked up until after the auction draft the following season.
• The minimum bid shall be $1 the maximum shall be the amount remaining in a team’s budget. 
• A free agent so selected goes to the highest bidder. If more than one team bids the same amount on a player, and if that amount is the highest bid, the player goes to the team that is lowest in the standings on Monday morning. 

Article XV. DL Players

Players only showing DL'd by their affiliate MLB team are allowed to be placed in a DL slot. Also DL players will count  towards your teams salary. The only players that won't count against your team's salary until called up by the team is minor leaguer''s. Also you will have 2 full scoring periods to activate a player that is no longer on the DL. If such player is not activated within the 2 scoring periods. The team will lose that player to Free Agency

Article XVI. Annual Auction Draft

Annual MLB Auction draft will be a slow draft. It will be held on www.couchmanagers.com We will all be allowed a nominee at a time totaling 14 players at any given time up for bid. Will help the draft go a bit quicker. For draft purposes, we will be limited to $260 budget (couch managers) but (CBS) will allow for $320. To help with trades

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