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This is a free basketball, baseball, and football dynasty salary cap league. The league is currently full. However, I'm looking to replace a few owners. It's a free league with the teams being run on ESPN. The actual league headquarters is run off a Proboards page. We have an app called GroupMe that we all use to communicate back and forth with 1 another. It's free and can be downloaded on your phone. If u joined the League, the GroupMe is mandatory. We have a great group, but some of the owners and I were in another league together, long story short, I ended up quitting their league and really just don't want them in mine anymore after I've heard some things that were said about me. I'm looking for experienced, dedicated, knowledgeable, active owners. If I don't find what I'm looking for, I'll just have to keep what I got. I don't want to mess up a great thing, like we have. But I do want these people gone. It's a great league, and frankly, I feel they don't deserve to be in it anymore. Only looking to replace 3 to 4 teams.


We just started the League in October. We are in the 1st year of basketball. The 1st year of baseball has not begun yet. All we have completed in baseball is the MiLB Dispersal Draft. Free Agency will begin March 1st. Football will begin in August. Anyone joining the League would be able to pretty much still have the chance to build it how u want it built. Only teams that are built already are basketball. 


I would need u to read the League Constitution (rules) on my Proboards page, and check out the spreadsheet. I'll need u to fully read that in order to understand what the league is, and how it is run. Contact me via email with any questions. Messymarve88@gmail.com

The link to Proboards is thetriplecrown.boards.net

Please do not post anything to the Proboards page.  CONTACT ME DIRECTLY THROUGH EMAIL. Thanks.

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