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We have a 20-team dynasty league in its third season that needs a replacement owner. It's standard 8 categories + FTM as the ninth, H2H, 13 roster slots + 1 IR on ESPN. We have a unique keeper system where players are attached to the rounds they were drafted in, but you can trade those pieces (the player or the pick for that round) individually, so it basically makes trades go down, and the activity stays high year round. We have a league GroupMe chat that we all check in and talk on here and there throughout the day, so if you have a solid amount of online availability from work, home, etc... that is a plus. This league and system thrives on activity. 


If you're a fantasy hoops degenerate and are looking for a league that is beyond normal levels of activity and has a concept that isn't the same 'ol keeper league, this is the league for you. If you're just a lineup setter, this is not the league for you. We're looking for fantasy addicts. 


The team is more in rebuild mode than win now, but due to the league's keeper/picks system, you can rebuild a lot quicker than a normal league. Some of the pieces on the team: Steph Curry, Devin Booker (11th round keeper!), Jusuf Nurkic, Jarrett Allen


If interested, reply below with your email and I will send you our league's system intro email to see if you're game for it.

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