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Quintana or Keuchel?

Quintana or Keuchel  

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  1. 1. Who would you rather have for the 2018 season?

    • Jose Quintana
    • Dallas Keuchel

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I'm really struggling with this one. Both play for great teams, obvious slight edge to Astros.


Quintana was great in the second half when he was traded to the Cubs: 10.46 K/9    2.24 BB/9      3.25 FIP

He's as much of a lock for 180+ IP as they come.


Keuchel in the first half when he was healthy:   8.21 K/9      2.14 BB/9      3.12 FIP      67.4 GB%    20.6% Hard Contact   (fantastic combo to have)

He's a former CY Young winner playing for a contract.


Does anyone have a concrete answer of who they would choose?

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I'm sorry to be so blunt but how is this even a question?  What exactly has Jose Quintana ever done in his career to make people think he's any more than the pitcher he has been?

He's a career 3.53 era 1.24 whip.


Keuchel's career stats are similar to Quintana but he's gotten them a completely different way.   His first 2 years in the league had horrible era/whip but in the 4 years since then he's had an ERA under 3 3 times, a whip under 1.20 twice.


Quintana has shown his normal season to be about where his career average currently stands.  Keuchel has shown he can put Cy Young caliber numbers.   Quintana is all hype. Yes one of these seasons he might meet the hype. But in 3 of his seasons Keuchel has exceeded the hype.

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Yeah -- I'm a huge fan of Quintana, but here I'd go Keuchel just because he's done it on a fantasy level a couple times now. Quintana feels more like a steady SP2/SP3 while Keuchel could be a SP1 on your squad. 

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