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Pick up Wall or/and Love?

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with "parker" i'm assuming jabari (not tony)

anyway it's a tough choice because all 3 those players have nice upside and haven't been bad this season (unless it's tony. in that case, just drop him)

i guess it depends on your schedule and where you think those players will land to.


i.e.: i dropped kuzma when he was playing bad (and of course he had a great game while he was still clearing waivers, but that's another story) but i knew he wasn't going to a playoff team because in my league we play a little money and the more down you are in the standings, the more you pay come end of the season. therefore, even out-of-playoffs owners still follow the league and try to climb a couple spots till the end.


i may regret dropping kuzma since he is back to kicking a**es but also he wasn't logging minutes for my team (see sign for explanation) and he won't help any of my playoffs rivals, so i haven't lost anything and i'm trying my luck with john wall (d'lo took quite some time to get back from the same kind of surgery, but the nets are always too careful and also didn't need any boost to their record. in previous years, blake and love have come back before their original 6-8w timetables)

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