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10-Team NL only, H2H pts, CBS Keeper league Needs 1 - $100


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Our CBS league is looking for 1 committed owner to join our 6-year-old league. We want someone that won't neglect their roster and will be a friendly member of our community, and an active member would be even better.

10-team NL only keeper on CBS. Head-to-head points with two periods per week: Mon-Thurs & Fri-Sun. Buy-in is $100 not including the cost of 6 optional but highly recommended keepers. Players cost $5-15 depending on circumstances. Payouts are big for a $100 league, winner took home over $800 last year, plus an additional $25 for rostering the MVP, Cy Young and ROY.

Our league also does a "hot stove" week prior to the draft that enables teams to beef up their keeper options and picks can also be exchanged. We allow trading players to acquire additional picks, as well as swap picks. This is a great chance to acquire good players from owners that have too many keeper options to keep them. 

Please email if interested brenden [at] masarjohnston.com

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Here is the roster available:

-Keep up to six players
-Number in parenthesis represents the round you forfeit a pick to keep the player, if keeping multiple players from the same round the pick(s) drop down to next round (3 players in 20th translates to 20th, 21st, 22nd)
-Players drafted in minor league rounds (rounds 26-28) with rookie eligibility can be kept for free, as noted
-Cost to keep player is $5 in addition to $100 league dues unless otherwise noted
-25 round draft, 3 round minor leaguer draft (rookie eligible only)
-I'm omitting inconsequential players (e.g. Andrew Toles)

Arizona Diamondbacks
picks 5th of 10 each round, non-snaking



Clayton Kershaw (2 - $15)

Stephen Strasburg (1)

Anthony Rendon (13 - $15)

Manuel Margot (20)

Matt Carpenter (12 - $10)

Yasiel Puig (11)

Greg Holland (10)

Wade Davis (1)



Corey Ray (26 - free)

Jose Albertos (28 - free)


Assorted Others:

Tyler Glasnow (20)

Scott Kingery (20)

Dexter Fowler (6)

Gerardo Parra (11)

Adam Lind (20)

Sean Newcomb (20)

Carl Edwards (20)

Taijuan Walker (8)

Jeff Hoffman (20)

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