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Need 5 Owners 5x5 ROTO CBS $150 - Ful payout - LIVE Snake Draft 3/18

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This is a re post of my original due to the league fee changing



We need 5 owners due to a couple getting the boot and a few leaving due to an addiction to DFS and thinking yearly leagues are dull LOL









League Details


It's a basic 5x5 Roto League Run with CBS Commissioner

Weekly Lineup Set Mondays

NL/AL Full MLB Universe

12 Owners

Set Lineups once a week (5 minutes prior to first game Monday)

FAAB used for FA's and each teams gets $200

FAAB runs every day

Unlimited trades/transactions-trades voted on by league (4 objections max)

Trade Deadline 8/17/18




 CBS Commissioner (CBS fee per owner is around $12.50)

Why CBS Commissioner?

1. We have total control especially in the draft. last year I was in a Y league and the draft got screwed up, NOTHING we could do, 3 teams were boned!!!!

2. Total control

3. Total control......


$150 League


Full Payout

1st - $1000

2nd- $500

3rd- $300



12 Man League



LIVE CBS Serpentine Draft on or around March 18th

45 Seconds per pick





Reserve - 7

Minor League Spots - 2

DL= 2











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