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2018 Bracket Contest - 3 Brackets for 18$ - Getting An Early Start

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Hey everyone:

So for the first time I wanted to start my own bracket contest through yahoo/leaguesafe.

I wanted to put this out early and often (every few days early on, and and every day close to the tournament) to get as many people from the forum in one big contest.


A little about me: 2 years ago I got diagnosed with a super rare inflammatory disease so I've been sick and unable to walk on my own since. Its been a really rough time but I'm a huge college basketball fan and huge stat nerd, and I love the tournament as it is a great distraction, and a whole lot of fun. I love Rotoworld, as I have found many leagues, and many league members over the years here, and I am looking to continue the trend.It is a great community of people!!! The one thing I do have time to do these days is put together a kick a** bracket contest that hopefully you will all like, and join.


 - The buy in would be 18 dollars (2018) for 3 brackets so we can each fool around with a few combos.


- Scoring system would be 2/3/6/12/24/48 per each right choice per round...I always wanted to make nailing the first round a little more worth while so to encourage people taking upsets. So this does that with every other round being equal if you get everything right.


- I'm hoping for 100+ entrants so I can pay the top 10 brackets with more going to 1st through 3rd. I've already set up a leaguesafe, and a Yahoo group, so all you have to do is sign up. (as of now started it on 2/18 - 3 paid/13 on list to join...so doing pretty great with a month to go to get big numbers)

- If you are interested in joining just Email at Zdrbracket16@gmail.com, and I will send you all the info. Or respond to this post, and I will get in contact with you.

I hope some of you will join and that one of us can win big! Thanks for reading all this!...I can't wait for the tournament, it's the best time of the year!! -Zach

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