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100$ Buy in / 12-team / H2H / Redraft ESPN / Leaguesafe / Draft Mon March 26 20:30

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This is a 1st year league.




The league is for old school baseball fans like me who believe IP is the most important thing for starters. There is no points for SO & BB as IP is what really matters in this league as far as pitching.


There is 3pts for wins and 3pts for a QS which offsets a loss (-6 pts) when a pitchers has a good game but no run support, or pitches poorly and gets a win.

The rules for hitters is straightforward except there is an extra point for HR to slightly offset the high SO volume of power hitters nowadays.


We will use leaguesafe majority rule for the money.


Be prepared to register on ESPN and pay Leaguesafe upon joining the league.


The 4 playoff teams and the winner of the consolation bracket will be in the money:

1st Place 575$ 
2nd Place 350$ 
3rd Place 200$ 
4th Place 150$ 
5th Place 125$ (Consolation bracket) 


Email me at pgingras2016@gmail.com if you'd like to reserve a spot.



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