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New 16 Team Dynasty H2H Cats, Fantrax, $45

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League Size: 16 Teams 

Lineups: Daily 

Host Site: Fantrax 

Monetary Holdings: Fantrax Treasury

League Investment: $45 (includes Fantrax fee)

Winnings: $640 payouts 

League Format: Dynasty - H2H 6x6 Each Category is w/l/t


League Scoring 


HR- Home Runs 

R- Runs 

RBI- Runs Batted In 

SB - Stolen Bases 

BA- Batting Average 

OPS - On Base + Slg % 


Hld - Holds 

Sv - Saves 

WHIP - Walks Hits IP Ratio 

TQS- Quality Starts 

K- Strikeouts 

ERA- Earned Runs Average for 


Franchise Names & Team Logos 


Owners are required to name their franchises based on former / defunct MLB team names ( historical ) or current MLB team names. Owners MUST use an official team logo of the MLB team name they choose as their fantasy team name. MiLB teams or defunct MiLB teams are permitted. No team name from any other professional baseball league outside of MLB. 






















19 active - 6 Bench - Unlimited DL - 25Minors 



Player Eligibility 


Teams will use Fantrax player default eligibility. 

At no time will owners or commissioner ever manually change player eligibility. 

Please refer to player eligibility settings. 


*SP/RP eligibility can be used in either SP or RP slot for as long as Fantrax keeps that player eligibility. 




Minor League System: 


Batters - Players that have 600 At-Bats or less career regular season. 

Pitchers - Players that have 200 Innings Pitched or less career regular season.

Pitchers - Players that have 75 Games Played or less career regular season.








Money Payouts 


$45 Team Purchase

League Purse = $640


League Champion = $150

#1 seed = $150

#2 seed = $120

#3 seed = $80

#4 seed = $40

#5 seed = $25

#6 seed = $25

#7 seed = $25

#8 seed = $25




Fantrax Treasury Department 


Every season ALL league fees are due by February 1st. This includes both the $45league-entry fee ( This buy-in fee will never change in future seasons) in addition to the small Fantrax fee ( the Fantrax fee is subject to change as the overall Fantrax league cost changes. The funds are paid into the Fantrax League account. Failure to be compliant with this rule will result in ownership dismissal from the league unless communication has been submitted to the league commissioner prior to February 1st. 


Owner payouts to the winning teams will be dispersed as soon as Fantrax Treasury Department allows for funds to be allocated ( as soon as the full season is complete ). 


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