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Gleyber Torres 2018 Outlook


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34 minutes ago, chud12 said:

Does Drury even play anymore when he’s back? 

Drury has options so he'll probably go to AAA when 'he gets off the DL.


35 minutes ago, absknicks said:


That won't happen, at least not right away.


My guess is he'll hit 8th or 9th tomorrow. 


1. Gardner

2. Judge

3. Didi

4. Stanton

5. Sanchez

6. Hicks

7. Walker

8. Andujar/Gleyber

9. Andujar/Gleyber


Although they are facing a LHP tomorrow so if Boone wanted to get Gardner a day and give Torres some protection right out of the gate.... it could happen. I just don't think it's that likely. 


Good chance Torres doesn't even start tomorrow.  He'll get a day to just soak it all in and then they play Monday.  

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2 minutes ago, JFS179 said:

Drury can also play corner OF. His versatility actually makes a pretty useful bench bat. 

They aren't going to carry Drury just to play LF vs LHP.  It'd be terrible use of a roster spot and he wouldn't get enough playing time.  He wasn't doing well before hitting the DL (which could've been due to the headaches), since he has options he'll go to AAA.

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Added this guy in like 90% of my leagues. Love the possible multi-position eligibility here and the possible break out. 


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On 4/13/2018 at 8:51 PM, motown magic said:

Andujar is holding his own. He's putting the bat on the ball. A 25% K rate . Got a double tonight. Doubt Torres gets the call anytime soon. He wasn't ready three weeks ago and he isn't ready now.

13 minutes ago, motown magic said:

Go back a few posts when I said Andjuarcwas holding his own and to have patience . Now we get to see both st the same time . 


You were talking about Andujar, no idea why, but you failed to realize that Torres plays multiple IF positions.  You were way off base.  I was the one you argued against when I said he was likely to be called up soon.


On 4/13/2018 at 10:16 PM, motown magic said:

My guess is now that Hicks is back thats another bat in the lineup they were missing we won't see Torres before the second week of May. We can speculate as much as we want but in the end its the Yankees that say when isn't it.

Oh and as we throw this around MA has had a two hit night. A double and a triple.


Well played.

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1 hour ago, yankees77 said:

What do we think? Is he an immediate add?


Might have to go minus an RP for a little bit, but Torres has been raking .370 in AAA.


You’re a Yankees fan and you have to ask this? For shame!

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A top prospect that is eligible at SS is an obvious must add.  What he will do initially, who knows, but I would have been rushing to pick him up in my league if he wasn't drafted.

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On 4/26/2018 at 2:56 PM, SpecialFNK said:

he's getting hits but I find myself disappointed because he's not really producing. no HR and no SB, what a bum. :wacko:

Same. Beyond that, his minor league SB success rate is not great. Wondering if he’s worth holding in a 10 team at this point. 

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I thought this was interesting.





Gleyber Torres (2B, NYY) 61% Owned


This wunderkind is off to a fairly pedestrian start (.273/.304/.318), and his brief minor league career suggests more of the same in the immediate future.

Torres has little experience in the High Minors after a torn UCL brought his 2017 season to a premature end. He started the year at Double-A Trenton, slashing .273/.367/.496 with five homers, five steals, and four CS in 139 PAs. His plate discipline was exceptional, as he posted a 15.1% K% against a 12.2% BB%. His BABIP was average (.295) while his FB% was plus (43.8%), making him look like an MLB-ready performer.


Unfortunately, it all fell apart upon promotion to Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. His K% skyrocketed to 27.1%, suggesting that he was not yet ready for advanced pitching. His two-for-four on the base-paths offered little promise of a big league running game. His overall line improved to .309/.406/.457 on the strength of a .426 BABIP, but nobody can maintain that over a significant sample size.


With no ability to look forward, we have to turn to Torres's performance at High-A ball in 2016. He hit 11 HR and stole 21 bases (13 CS) in 547 PAs split between the Cubs and Yankees organizations, hitting .254 with the Yankees (138 PAs) and .275 with the Cubs (409 PAs). He held his own, but he didn't really master the level.


That fact becomes more evident when his peripherals are considered. Torres has never displayed above average raw power. His HR/FB for the seasons above were 6.9%, 11.4%, 11.9%, and 13.3% starting with his High-A seasons. While he managed to lift the ball at Double-A, his FB% has generally been under 30% at most of his stops. This has been true in his brief MLB sample as well (26.3% FB%), suggesting that a significant swing change is needed before Torres hits for any power.


Likewise, Torres's SB success rates have consistently been terrible. He made it 61% of the time in 2015, 62% in 2016, and 59% in 2017. A contending team with an excellent offense is simply not going to ask him to run with those success rates on the farm.

The Yankees are slotting him ninth in their order, preventing him from accumulating many counting stats. Worse, that means the team's sluggers are effectively “behind” him. Would you try to steal a base with those success rates in front of Aaron Judge?


It's possible that Torres has enough raw ability to have adapted to Triple-A, but his UCL injury robbed him of that chance. Now, he needs to make those same adjustments against MLB pitchers. It could happen, but almost certainly takes a few years if it does. For now, he's a zero-category contributor who matters in only the deepest of redraft formats.


Verdict: Chump



simply by being a top prospect for the Yankees and as hyped as he has been, one could sell high and get something really good.

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