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$45 Fantrax 16 Team H2H Points Dynasty

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League Size: 16 Teams 

Lineups: Daily 

Host Site: Fantrax 

Monetary Holdings: Fantrax Treasury

League Investment: $45 (includes Fantrax fee)

Winnings: $640 payouts 

League Format: Dynasty - H2H Points


We are looking for members who will constantly stay active throughout the season as well as during the offseason. Trades are highly encouraged. Groupme is required so you can communicate with other members. I expect people to respond in a timely manner as well. It's going to be a LONG draft and since we all have work and our own lives, groupme is essential. I will do my best to @ people in groupme or even shoot people a text when they are on the clock, and I would encourage other members to do the same. The draft will have a 6 hour timer per pick, and it will be frozen at 11:30PM EST at night all the way until 7AM EST in the morning. During the freeze, selections can still be made if it is your turn. Otherwise, get to picking! The season is coming. 





19 active - 6 Bench - Unlimited DL - 25Minors 


League Scoring

NOTE: To BALANCE scoring for pitchers, the pitchers on the team will stop scoring points once the 120 IP as a team limit has been reached. 

Walks: 1
1b: 1
2b: 2
3b: 3
HR: 4
Strikeouts: -0.4
SB: 2
CS: -0.5
Cycle: 5
HBP: 0.75
IBB: 0.75
Runs: 1.5
Rbi: 1.5
Sac Fly/Hit: 0.25
BB allowed: -0.4
Hits allowed; -0.5
Hit batsmen: -0.3
Saves: 5
Holds: 3
Blown saves: -1.5
ER: -1.25
IP: 1.25
K: 1.75
CG: 2
SO: 4
NoNo: 6
Perfect Game: 8
QS: 6

Player Eligibility 

Teams will use Fantrax player default eligibility. 

At no time will owners or commissioner ever manually change player eligibility. 

Please refer to player eligibility settings. 


*SP/RP eligibility can be used in either SP or RP slot for as long as Fantrax keeps that player eligibility. 


Minor League System: 


Batters - Players that have 600 At-Bats or less career regular season. 

Pitchers - Players that have 200 Innings Pitched or less career regular season.

Pitchers - Players that have 75 Games Played or less career regular season.





$45 Team Purchase

League Purse = $640


League Champion = $150

Runner Up = $50

#1 seed = $135

#2 seed = $100

#3 seed = $60

#4 seed = $45

#5 seed = $25

#6 seed = $25

#7 seed = $25

#8 seed = $25


Every season ALL league fees are due by February 1st. This includes both the $45league-entry fee ( This buy-in fee will never change in future seasons) in addition to the small Fantrax fee ( the Fantrax fee is subject to change as the overall Fantrax league cost changes. The funds are paid into the Fantrax League account. Failure to be compliant with this rule will result in ownership dismissal from the league unless communication has been submitted to the league commissioner prior to February 1st. 


Owner payouts to the winning teams will be dispersed as soon as Fantrax Treasury Department allows for funds to be allocated ( as soon as the full season is complete ). 





Our Initial league draft will be comprised of one BIG 50 ROUND DRAFT including a mix of MLB & Minor leaguers. The onus is on you to weigh your options on how you want to build your team. The draft order will be randomized via Fantrax.


No trades are permitted during our Initial League drafts. 


During the Off Season, we will hold our annual 5 Round prospect draft. Players eligible for this draft include the players in the previous draft class and International signed players. 


The 5 Round annual prospect draft will be conducted after the MLB holds its prospect draft, after the signing deadline.  These drafts will also have a 12 hour limit and NO trading occurs during these drafts. Owners do not have to make a pick in each round. Owners can pass on a round(s) if they already are at the 25 prospect limit on their roster. You cannot draft in excess of players that will make a team over 25 prospects. 


International Players 


All players that are signed as "International signings" will not be allowable for claims. These players are automatically defaulted to the next prospect draft that occurs. International players that have passed through at least one prospect draft and were not drafted or later subsequently dropped if they were drafted, will then be allowed to be claimed. 






Trade Deadline in-season: August 9th 11:59pm est. 


Accepted trades that are in the queue to be processed will NOT be processed during MLB games in progress. The league Commissioner will process trades in the " off hours" of games not in progress or late at night after the days/night games have been completed. This will prevent from live player games stats being compromised. This will be the sole reason that all trades are to be approved by the commissioner. 


Off-Season Trading 


Trading resumes as our league season has been completed and all injured reserves are cleared. 


Draft Pick Trades 


At No time are we allowed to trade draft picks. This means not during the regular season and not during the off season. In addition, trading of draft picks is prohibited during drafts. 

All future draft picks are team protected. 



GM Trade Responsibilities. 


Owners are encouraged to use their due diligence when seeking out trades.

Owners are to communicate back and forth when accepting and rejecting trade offers. 

Keeping an open line of good sound communication between trading parties. 


Commissioner Trade Approvals 


The league commissioner does not judge trades that are accepted between two owners. The Commissioner understands that trades consummated between owners is representative of each owners' team needs and desires. The Commissioner does not veto trades. 


If a trade comes to fruition that smells foul to all owners the GM's and Commissioner, along with the trading parties can hold a discussion to determine the merit of trade in question. The Commissioner will require both parties to the agreed upon trade send out “the reasoning" behind the trade that was made. A final decision will be rendered by the Commissioner if enough merit is not established. 





Team Legal / Illegal Roster Guidelines 


Teams are to have legal status rosters at all times. This rule consists of regular season and playoffs. At NO time is a team allowed to have an illegal roster during the regular season.  During the off season when players lose eligility teams may be left with a vacant position.  The offseason is the only time you are permitted to have an illegal roster with regards to positions being filled.  Exceeding 25 players on your main roster or 25 prospects is not permitted during the offseason. Stashing prospects with the green flag symbol on your main roster is not permitted during the offseason.  Stashing a player that has exceeded the prospect limits in the minors is not permitted in the offseason. 


Owners are allowed to manage their lineup roster as the owner’s discretion. Owners cannot exceed roster constraints. Owners are NOT permitted to start minor league players THAT ARE NOT PLAYING IN THE MLB into their active lineup at any time. This includes the off-season. 



Active Roster 


Teams start 19 players each day. 10 batters & 9 Pitchers ( SP/RP)  . Players in active lineup must be on an MLB team roster. You can never at anytime start a minor league player that is not currently active on an MLB roster. 



Reserve Roster 


Teams can roster 6 players in reserves. Teams can roster any amount of players between batters and pitchers. Owners are not allowed to stash minor league players in reserve slots unless they are currently in MLB during the time you have them designated to active/reserve. 




Minor League Rosters ( prospects ) 


Teams are allowed to roster up to 25 prospects. Prospect status is determined by 600 regular season At-Bats and 200 regular season Innings Pitched or pitchers that have played in 75 games. Players that have exceeded these constraints are no longer eligible for minor league eligibility. Players that have graduated from minor league status must be placed in active / reserve pro roster. If a player is sent back to minors in real life and the player has graduated the 600/200 constraint, the player is still NOT eligible for minor league status in our league. 


Teams are NOT permitted to roster minor league players in their active / reserve rosters if the player is NOT currently on an MLB roster. In other words, you cannot stash extra minor league players on your pro / reserve roster. The player(s) must be actively playing in the MLB if the player(s) are on your pro / reserve roster. 



Minor League Call-ups / send-downs 


Players that are AT or UNDER 600/200 constraint are allowed to be called up and sent down your active / reserve / minor league rosters. The caveat to this rule is that the player(s) must be on an MLB pro roster. Once the player has graduated 600/200 constraint the player is no eligible for minor league rosters. Once a player graduates they must be promoted or released within 1 lineup period. Players that have graduated the minor league designation of 600/200 and exceeded those limits and later on get sent down by their parent MLB clubs are NOT permitted to be sent down in our league. Once the player has graduation designation, the player will always remain on teams pro rosters for the duration of ownership. 





Add / Drops MLB Players 


All free agent players are first come first serve basis. Once a player is claimed via the claim option that team rotates to the bottom of the claim option. Teams have 5 claims MAX per scoring period ( Mon thru Sun). These Max claim rules only count during the season. 


Team claim order is on rotation. Once team A claims a player that team rotates to the end of the claim list. 


After the playoffs conclude and season ends all teams will have the unlimited claims during the off season. 



Add / Drops Minor League Players


Minor league players are allowed to be claimed regardless of service time. If the minor league player is at 600/200 or under and is a free agent, the player is allowed to be claimed. 

The exception to adding minor league players is players that are added to the fantrax system early that are in that specific years draft class. 



Add / Drops International Players


Players that sign with MLB clubs by way of "International Signing' are not allowed to be claimed UNLESS they have passed through at least one of our annual prospect drafts. If they have passed through one draft then they are viewed as free agents and allowed to be treated like a minor league add. International signees default to the next prospect draft class upon signing with an MLB team. 




Injured Reserve Guidelines 


Teams are allowed to use as many I.R. slots as needed. We allow an unlimited amount of I.R. slot usage. The caveat to this is players that are moved to I.R. MUST be on their MLB team I.R. list. (DL )



Owners will have the 3 lineup periods ( 3 days ) of the scoring period to remove player from I.R. status when the player is removed from their mlb teams DL list. 


Non-compliance. An owner will be sent a one-time warning to get in compliance with the I.R. rule. Should the owner not comply with the policy the commissioner is at liberty to make whatever roster adjustment necessary to ensure roster integrity. This includes dropping a player if need be. 




Daily Lineup Settings Guidelines 


This is the single most important rule of the league. 


Teams are to set lineups each single day of the MLB League season in our regular season and playoff season. 

Owners are allowed and encouraged to pre-set daily lineups in advance if owner is busy, on vacation or unsure if owner will have time to log-online for an extended period of time. 



Penalties for Non-Compliant Daily Lineups 


1) 2 consecutive days not setting lineups = Warning + Commissioner sets lineup to ensure scoring integrity until owner complies. 

2) 4 consecutive days not setting lineups = loss of 1st round draft pick + Commissioner sets lineup to ensure scoring integrity until owner complies 

3) 7  consecutive days of not setting lineups = Owner removal from league + Commissioner assumes full control of team roster until season ends. 


We are a daily lineup league. The single most damaging component to this league is owners not setting lineups in this format. This rule is strict and will be upheld by the commissioner. 






8 teams advance to the post-season playoff format. 


Matchups are reseeded each round, with highest seed playing lowest seed





Annual Prospect Draft. 


The annual prospect draft will be 5 rounds. The order determined for this draft will be as follows below: 

The bottom 8 teams (non-playoff teams) enter into a draft lottery drawing. Each of the 8 teams will receive lottery balls based on regular season finish in standings. 


16th place = 8 balls 

15th place = 7 balls 

14th place = 6 balls 

13th place = 5 balls 

12th place = 4 balls 

11th place = 3 balls 

10th place = 2 balls 

9th place = 1 ball 


The final 8 draft slots are determined by regular season year-end seeding. 


8th seed = 9th draft pick 

7th seed = 10th draft pick 

6th seed = 11th draft pick 

5th seed = 12th draft pick 

4th seed = 13th draft pick 

3rd seed = 14th draft pick

2nd seed = 15th draft pick

1st seed = 16th draft pick. 


Draftpicklottery.com will be the host site used to determine the lottery draw making up the first 8 picks in the Pro Draft re-draft.

Draft pick order is based on year-end regular season results. 


After all this reading, I hope you're interested. If so, feel free to text me at 818-397-3496 or email me at harut5229@yahoo.com   Please note that the app "GroupMe" is required. Thanks!

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