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Need 2 teams to fill H2H Weekly Points League $160 - With Keepers

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I recently had two teams leave, league has been around since 2008.  It is a fairly deep keeper league, pretty serious but also like to have fun.  All the rules are listed below.  We will be using LeagueSafe for payment.


Let me know if you have any questions!


***UPDATED 2/27/18*** 
Welcome to Dirty Dozen Fantasy Baseball 

1. Buffalo Bills 
2. New Team 
3. Cos 
4. Van Buren Boys 
5. Ciern loves Lindor Truffles 
6. New Team 
7. Jewish and Italian Revolution 
8. Should have Autopicked 
9. Cooter 
10. Hollywood 
11. Oh MY GOD...That's CIERNO'S MUSIC!!! 
12. 60-Feet 6- Inches Away! 

League Fee:160 

Total: 1,920 
CBS League Cost: 150 
Remaining: 1,770 
1st Place: 960 units 
2nd Place: 450 units 
3rd Place: 160 units 
Regular Season Champ: 200 units 

20 week regular season, 3 weeks of playoffs 
Week 15 is 2 weeks long to account for the all star break. 
Top 6 teams make the playoffs with the top 2 seeds get a bye to the semi-finals. 
***Tiebreaker in playoffs is top seed advances.*** 

Scoring For Batting Categories: 
1B - Singles +1 point 
2B - Doubles +2 points 
3B - Triples +3 points 
AB - At Bats -.25 points 
H - Hits +1 points 
HR - Home Runs +4 points 
BB - Walks (Batters) +1 point 
HP - Hit by Pitch +1 point 
KO - Strikeouts (Batter) -0.5 point 
R - Runs +1 point 
RBI - Runs Batted In +2 points 
SB - Stolen Bases +2 points 

Scoring For Pitching Categories: 
BBI - Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point 
BS - Blown Saves -2 points 
CG - Complete Games +3 points 
ER - Earned Runs -2 points 
HA - Hits Allowed -1 point 
HB - Hit Batsmen -1 point 
INN - Innings +3 points 
K - Strikeouts (Pitcher) +1 point 
L - Losses -5 points 
QS - Quality Starts +5 points 
S - Saves +8 points 
GF - Games Finished +2 points 
SO - Shutouts +5 points 
W - Wins +5 points 

6 Objections are needed to overrule a trade. (In 2 team trades) 
5 Objections are needed to overrule a 3 team trade. 
Trade Deadline: TBD 
Rosters expand by one slot on trade deadline to account for call ups. 

We will be allowed to keep at most (6) players and (3) minor leaguer from year to year. The minor league keeper can be kept as long as he is "Minor League Eligibility". 

- "Minor League Eligibility" is defined as a player with less than 130 at-bats or a pitcher with less than 50 innings pitched at the Major League Level. 

Keepers will move up a round for every year they are kept. Ex: Drafting Chris Laka in the 3rd round in 2014 and deciding to keep him for 2015 will cost your 2nd round pick. 

Owners wishing to keep their first round pick will do so at the cost of a 13th round pick. A compensatory pick will be issued after the 23rd round. 

IF you keep your 2nd round pick from last year, he turns into your first round pick this year. You DO NOT lose your 13th round pick this year. 

Keeping players that have NOT been drafted will use the following chart to determine the round they are given after the season: 
Free Agent Keeper Rounds 
Amount Spent...........Round 

-Players that were drafted always take priority over undrafted players and traded players, in regards to the round drafted. 

- If two players are kept in which the round is the same, the player that was added to any team first will be considered the later round. 

-If you wish to keep two players from the same round, you can do so at the expense of one player moving up two rounds instead of one. 

****All League Rules are located under: 

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The rules are posted above.  Here is the roster for the first team.

This team has the #2 pick

  C Alex Avila 1B,C | ARI 25C
  1B Travis Shaw 1B,3B | MIL 25B
  2B Ian Kinsler 2B | LAA  5
  3B Evan Longoria 3B | SF 7
  SS Didi Gregorius SS | NYY 24
  OF Adam Jones OF | BAL 3
  OF David Peralta OF | ARI 8
  OF Danny Valencia OF,1B | SEA 20
  DH Mike Moustakas 3B | KC 13
  C Francisco Mejia C | CLE  21
  2B Rougned Odor 2B | TEX  2
  SS Dansby Swanson SS | ATL 18
  OF Bryce Harper OF | WAS 1
  OF Odubel Herrera OF | PHI  6
  OF Yasmany Tomas OF | ARI 23
  DH Alex Verdugo OF | LAD 25
  1B D.J. Peterson 1B | CHW
  SP Robert Gsellman SP | NYM 11
  SP Kenta Maeda SP | LAD  4
  SP Clayton Richard SP | SD  25A
  SP Jameson Taillon SP | PIT  16
  SP Masahiro Tanaka SP | NYY  1
  RP Zack Godley RP,SP | ARI 24A
  RP Jim Johnson RP | LAA 22
  SP Brandon McCarthy SP | ATL 24B
  SP Stephen Strasburg SP | WAS 9
  SP Josh Tomlin SP | CLE 25D
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Here is the other team:

They have the 6th pick

C Buster Posey 1B,C | SF 2
1B Anthony Rizzo 1B | CHC 3
2B Jose Altuve 2B | HOU 6
3B Daniel Murphy 3B,2B | WAS  4
SS Elvis Andrus SS | TEX  15
OF Melky Cabrera OF | CHW  13
OF Eduardo Nunez 2B,3B,OF,SS | BOS  7
OF Jose Ramirez OF,2B,3B | CLE 5
DH Justin Turner 3B | LAD 10
OF Carlos Gonzalez OF | COL  1
OF Ender Inciarte OF | ATL 24
OF Gerardo Parra OF | COL  19
DH Shin-Soo Choo OF | TEX 18
DH Kevin Kiermaier OF | TB  20
DH Victor Martinez DH | DET 25
SS Brendan Rodgers SS | COL
OF Austin Meadows OF | PIT
SP Marco Estrada SP | TOR 8
SP Jason Hammel SP | KC 25A
SP Jon Lester SP | CHC  1
SP Ariel Miranda SP | SEA 25B
SP Danny Salazar SP | CLE  12
RP Raisel Iglesias RP | CIN 14
RP Andrew Miller RP | CLE 16
SP Junior Guerra SP | MIL 9
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Yes, 8 bench spots and 3 minor league spots.  We had 3 DL for last year but with the changing of the 7 day DL that will most likely be bumped to 4, but the league will vote on that as we do with all changes.    Yes the numbers under contract are the round they can be kept, which have been updated.  The letters next to some of the numbers are for pickups, if there were multiple at the same value but different dates. 


Ex: I pick up Joe Smith for 0 and Brad Penny for 0, both would be round 25 but Joe Smith was picked up Aug 1 and Brad Penny April 1.  Brad Penny would be a 25A and Joe Smith a 25B.

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