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Need Help Fine Tuning team for Championship - WHIR

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Team and settings are in signature. 


So I'm about 80% sure on who I'll be facing in the championship so I've been doing my best to fine tune my team to beat him. As of now, my biggest focuses on improving my team are FG%, 3's, and AST and STLs.


My team is usually favored in:  REB, BLK, TO


and his team often comes out ahead on:  PTS, FT%, AST


we fight for: FG%, STL, 3PM


On the waiver are a lot of interesting pick ups come post ASB. I have the likes of Barea who I think will be great if he doesnt get shut down in accomplishing what I want. I have players like Covington though who have been just abysmal for the past 2 months. I was considering ditching him for the likes of someone on the waiver.


Notable waiver pick ups are...









and there are a few guys who just shoot 3s - Ellington/Gordon being the most stand out ish


1. Who should I target?

2. Who should I drop?

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yeah id probably look to drop Sato and maybe even melo, but melo can do just enough i think to keep.


Id def look at EG and Bogdan, also definitely fox, but hes a passing guard so maybe not so much.

id keep cov tho, he always sucks for a while, and comes in clutch when u need him too

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