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$141 buyin, 14 team H2H 6x6 Fantrax league

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Hello fantasy baseballers!


An established league (7 years running) is looking for 2 interested owners to take over for some retiring managers. The full league settings are at https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/leagueRulesSummary.go?leagueId=t9jhydr2jbsoqgzf)


The basic league settings are:


Buyin is $141, to go down to $131 in 2020.

Regular Season Payout:1st-$475, 2nd-$300, 3rd-$175, 4th-$130

Playoffs Payout:1st -$325, 2nd-$225, 3rd-$125

League is on Fantrax and we use Fantrax Treasurer (no fee).

7 Keepers, 4 minor league keepers (cost increase from year to year is $5, $10, $20, $40, minor league keepers carryover free as long as they are still rookies by MLB limits).

Head 2 head categories.

Offensive categories: AVG, OPS, RUNS, RBI's, HR's, SB's.

Pitching categories: ERA, WHIP, WINS, SV's, K's, QS.

Draft date: March 25th at 2PM Pacific Time.

Keeper deadline (also payment deadline): March 11th.


The 2 teams available are:


1. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/t9jhydr2jbsoqgzf/team/roster?period=1&scoringPeriod=1&seasonOrProjection=PROJECTION_0_131_SEASON&timeframeTypeCode=YEAR_TO_DATE&scoringCategoryType=5&statsType=1&view=STATS&teamId=fuvuquiujbsoqgzt&adminMode=false&startDate=2018-03-29&endDate=2018-09-30&lineupChangeSystem=EASY_CLICK&daily=false&origDaily=false&trade=false


2. https://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/t9jhydr2jbsoqgzf/team/roster?period=1&scoringPeriod=1&seasonOrProjection=PROJECTION_0_131_SEASON&timeframeTypeCode=YEAR_TO_DATE&scoringCategoryType=5&statsType=1&view=STATS&teamId=qwyajqkqjbsoqgzt&adminMode=false&startDate=2018-03-29&endDate=2018-09-30&lineupChangeSystem=EASY_CLICK&daily=false&origDaily=false&trade=false



Please reply here or send an email to markbolo@hotmail.com if interested!

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Are the current listed prices before or after salary adjustments? If before, I'm interested 


Also, unless I'm missing something, why is total prize payout $1755 when 14 * $141 = $1974?

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8 hours ago, Red Sox Nation said:

Are the current listed prices before or after salary adjustments? If before, I'm interested 


Also, unless I'm missing something, why is total prize payout $1755 when 14 * $141 = $1974?


Hey there...See my original thread here, 5th post for an explanation: 


The prices on Fantrax were last years' prices. A player with a 0 or blank Term will likely be a total of $10 next season (you can email me with specific players if you want an exact breakdown). A player with a term of 1 will be an additional $5 for the current price you see for their salary, and a player with a 2 will be an additional $10.


Minor league players get carried over season to season for no cost as long as they are still MLB rookies (under 131 ab's or 50 IP).


Let me know if you have anymore questions (you can email at markbolo@hotmail.com for faster response)!




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