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$40 Fantrax Dynasty H2H 6x6 Need a couple owners

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Looking for a couple active owners for a start up Dynasty league! It’s 28 MLB rosterand 15 Minor but, the draft that will take place allows you to pick either whenever you want.Its real contracts so, does take strategy for drafting. If interested either reply or email me bigpapanick88@yahoo.com


below are the bylaws so look through them and reach out to me if you have more questions


-The cap is 140 mill(for the first year) and you must be at or under that cap all season and if your not you will have to cut  player/players that will allow you to be under or trade player/players away

-Once in season there will be penatlies to violating cap or rules in general
  1st-Warning(will give a timeframe to make room for cap)
  2nd-250k will be taken off of your payroll
  3rd-500k will be taken off of your payroll
  4th-1million will be taken off of your payroll
  5th- The committee will decide if you will be dropped from the league(no refund) and if kept you will be penazlied either a decent player or high prospect that will be placed in free agency that other teams can bid on and win. The team that violated the rules will not be allowed to try for that player

-You are allowed to trade money but, only when covering salaries of players that are being traded( Ex. Bob is receiving Joe Smith & $4mil to cover half of his $8mil salary while John gets Corey in return with no coverage)

-You can also trade while the draft is taking place but, the switches to the rosters won't be made till after the draft. There will be a trade committee that has to approve the trade before it goes through to stop lobsided trades

-If there are big name free agents left after the draft becuase of high salaries or other reasons everyone that has any cap space will be allowed to bid on them and whoever wins that player will have have to pay the winning price they bid but, will only be for 1 year. When it comes to off season that team will have a chance to resign that player to whatever tier there designated and whatever length that owner wants

-If a player has a team or player option at the end of the year it's your choice if you would like to keep that player at the pay he will make in the coming year

-When a player you want to resign becomes a free agent he actually becomes restricted free agent meaning he will go out to the free agent market and what ever team wins with the highest bid will get that player unless you can match that contract/pay and if you can match he stays with your team. Now if there are players you don’t want and there contract end they become unrestricted free agents where the top bid gets that player at whatever price point the winning bid was.

-1st year there will be a 15 minor league player max... after the season has ended there will be 5 round draft that is set order (based on placing from seaon previous worst to best set order)and they will be added to the minors this will conintue for the following years in till we reach 30 player minor league where that will be the max and from there on you will have to either cut minor league players of forfeit picks

-After season has finished everyones payroll will increase 3% the first year based on the rising average salary of free agents in till we take a league vote to stop it or decrease it for the following years

-In this league you will be rewarded by making the playoffs by increases in payroll for the following year
Divison winners-100k
AL & NL Champs- 200k
World series loser-350k
World series winner-750k

-If any prospect passes 130AB'S or 50IP in the majors and still has them in the minors  will be required to promote them to there MLB roster

-It’s serpatine draft with a slow click of 2 hours but, stops overnight hours are 10am EST-10pm est. Before draft we’re gmount to try to see if can get everyone to agree to set maybe a couple hours on a day to draft the first couple rounds so that foundation will be done

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how many teams, what are the payouts, what is the roster structure, are minor leaguers included under the salary cap?  This is a normal snake draft it sounds like, but I guess the players have a salary attached to them correct?  Wish this was a $75-$100 buyin.

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