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$50 ROTO BASEBALL DYNASTY STARTUP / Slow-Draft / 12-16 Teams

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We're looking for very active owners to fill the remaining slots in a startup dynasty baseball league. Currently, we have 6 slots filled, with anywhere from 6-10 slots available depending on the level of interest.


Basics (6X6 ROTO)
- Hitting Categories: HR, RUNS, RBI, SB, OBP, TOTAL BASES
- Pitching Categories: W+QS, SV+HOLD, SO, ERA, WHIP, K-BB Ratio


Rosters: 12 Batters, 10 Pitchers, 8 Bench, 10 Minor League, 5 Injured List


Pitchers: 1,000 IP Minimum / 1,500 IP Maximum / 150 Start Minimum


League will be hosted on FanTrax, with funds held on FanTrax Treasurer. 


Startup Draft: Slow draft (12-hours per-pick) on FanTrax as soon as everyone's paid.


Email lukehansen108@gmail.com if you're interested or need more information.


League Rules Detail available here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xO0_uSih-aqz_VoPgooD9TqUBUP4ugNu

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Hey Tim.


Sorry. I should've included that. It's daily lineups.


I sometimes forget people do the weekly stuff. I've never liked the restrictiveness of that myself. 


If one of my SP's get like, attacked by a shark or something, I'd like the chance to replace his IP you know?

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