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Nathan Peterman 2018 Outlook

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Peterman must be a flat-out insane practice player.


Otherwise, how could you explain McDermott's fascination with Peterman.  The answer should always be "no" if Peterman is the question, but it has so often been "yes."

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9 hours ago, kraftwrk_5 said:


That would have been great - the movable force vs. the stoppable object. :lol:

I think "stationary object" works well when describing him.  I can't believe this guy even has a thread.

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9 hours ago, ilovepelas said:

i wish we could have seen raiders defense vs nathan peterman in 2018. It would have been so hilarious. 


I can imagine a two play sequence like this.


3rd and 11: Raiders intercept Peterman only for the Raiders to fumble the ball during the INT run back and the Bills recover.

Next play....Peterman intercepted again.


LMAO...that match-up would set football back generations.

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