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I have used CBS and Yahoo as well as ESPN.

My leagues are Auction leagues which require the most control.  

My Yahoo leagues have not used the pay for upgrades that Yahoo offers so I don't know what kind of controls they offer but the one thing about Yahoo vs. CBS is that the draft room is much easier to view on Yahoo. 


That said the commissioner controls in the CBS draft room are good in that you can stop and start the draft and back out a pick if someone was off line as much as you like and need. Auction drafts require that kind of integrity for the drat itself.


I like Fantrax site which has been improving. I have no experience using their draft room since the leagues I've been in that use it draft live and we upload the rosters so I'm interested to know what others experiences are that do auction drafts on Fantrax??? 


** I have some long running leagues that use CBS.  CBS in my view is very expensive for what it is in that they offer very little if any customer service the last several years and we are still more limited in choices for how to customize settings. Such as our choices for lineup setting are:

1) Daily lineups  * Where all teams can set their lineup daily

2) Weekly Lineups **Where all teams can set their lineup weekly usually starting with Monday's games. 

3) Commissioner controls everything in order to do something other than daily or weekly which is terribly inconvenient for some leagues. 


Best to all for a great 2018  Baseball Season !



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