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Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook


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1 hour ago, metalmat said:


Let me do some equations here. Jags have a good defense, journeyman QB, bunch of bums at WR, Titans just let Lamar frickin' Miller and Crowell run all over them,  Titans have a s---y offense, Thursday night game.


I smell something, you know what that smell is? Burnt rubber from Fournette's shoes torching through the Titans. Big game coming up.


Lamar didn't do anything to you. No need for insults.

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Just now, JHM_13 said:

Guys, pump the brakes and take a deep breath. Leo will run for 20+ and a TD in the second half

He missed the only chance the Jags will have even remotely close to the GL. 20 yards in the 2nd half to finish the game with 4 fantasy points. Absolute joke. 

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