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Julio Jones 2018 Outlook


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Although the falcons arent going to make the playoffs, they are still competitors trying to win ball games. Anyone who has followed Julios career knows he isnt the type of person to sit out now. He has personal goals and records he is after also. I am 100% confident he will be out there giving it his all. I am concerned; however, that his injury may limit his ability or snaps though. 

Things to Consider

1. Carolina has a great rush defense (currently rank 7) and the Falcons rush offense and offensive line sucks

2. Carolina has a weak secondary (currently ranked 20th)

3. ATL is on the road , I expect them to need to lean on Julio today

4. Cam Newton is out, Carolina going to try and run the ball and control the clock. Very unlikely this is a shootout


When Julio is active, he is a must start. I guarantee you last week if he game wasnt a blow out, julio would have played all 4 quarters.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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