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IS streaming in the playoffs cheating?

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I have a few guys injured and if i don't stream a spot or two I'm basically looking at dropping kyrie to match games played.  Thing is i'm up a game rigth now and am winning but the rest of the week  i have kyrie, adams, kuzma just sat today.  And Tim hardaway is also listed as a gtd for some reason.   I just dropped smart for fox and picked up a game today, but was just looking at games left and any games missed i'm going to be down in games.  Even if Kyrie plays  i'm down 1 game which he isn't.  So drop fox and stream another player tomorrow?  


I'm playing the commishioner of the league but that's not cheating is it?  I'm just trying to have the same amount of games. Because i'll probably win if i do since I have the better team.


I could understand if i was trying to have more games but i'm just trying to match games played which i probably wont anyways considering all the injuries piling up.

Also Smart was aplayer i hung onto all season.  Fox I really could care less about and is nothing but a streamer at this point to me.

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Stream away.  Go for it.  It's not cheating since it sounds like your league is set up that way.  

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Hell no and if anyone else says otherwise they probably don't care enough to pay attention. I weaseled my way into a championship game a few years back through streaming due to injuries. If other teams don't want to take advantage of the add/drops and available players to maximize games played, that's on them. Streaming is fair game regular season and playoffs.

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Cheating? Streaming is literally the main and only strategy in h2h playoffs. Of course, you should stream every week to maximize games played. The goal is to win, and if you can accumulate more games played than the other team it will give you a better chance to win. Not streaming is basically trying to lose lol. 


Streaming is also the main skill component of playoffs - it actually takes a great deal of planning to plan the entire week ahead to figure out which adds will give you the most games and help the most in the stats you need, when the moves payoff as you hoped, it is a very rewarding feeling.

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