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Looking for a good active league

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Hi, we have a 5x5 standard scoring, keeper, auction roto league which has been going for over 5 years, with a space open.  Its $35 with prizes split between top 3 teams 50-30-20%, although we do let new people play their first season for free (and thus wont be eligible for a prize) if they wish.




The rosters are still pre-keeper cut, so a lot of players currently owned should be released as they inflate by $5 each year. The keeper date is 23rd March so if youre interest at all id welcome you to add a team, then re-evaluate post keeper deadline, nothing to pay til that time of course. Im trying to get as many interested people as possible, as Id like to go up to 18 teams (we have 13 currently) and make it a bit deeper than typical leagues and thus have more strategy. 


If interested, message me or reply to thread


Thanks !

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I have a money league for you. One spot left. $250 to enter. All money held by LeagueSafe and paid out. Winner gets $2,000. 


12-team basic 5x5 roto day to day. Snake draft. Can you pay immediately?



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1 Spot Left!!


12 team, $200 entry, auction, $260 cap, daily, mixed league, 6x6, 29 rounds, 9 bench spots, 4 DL spots, Fantrax treasurer, draft March 18th.


Fantasy teams compete against each other 1-on-1 and receive a Win, Loss, or Tie for each scoring category in each scoring position.


email me for more details mferrara78@gmail.com

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